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Memories vs Oblivion, 70. 3 Texas in Galveston, March 2012

We want contribute to slowing down this incredible fast and scary process of unforgettable moments getting drowned by the presence. No more needs to be said. It was the day when Sebastian was fastest on the bike beating super bike Lance Armstrong, Yvonne fastest on the bike leaving years of struggling behind her, and last but not least Ronnie had the fastest run outrunning unbeatable Michael Raelert... a great day.

2 Austrians in the Australian Wilderness

Tasmania, March 2012
During our stay in Tasmania where we traveled to to see Chris racing in Devonport. Back then expecting a decision whether Olympics yes or no, a thing that didn't happen until now. We lived in this most beautiful Silver Mountain Ridge Retreat, a place so far away from all kind of men's noises. Our guests at night have been possums and wallabies only. It was close to the little town of Sheffield.
One late afternoon (unfortunately, we had only 3 days there) Fritz and I got ourselves a special treat and took a break from triathlon.

Chris about short-course training, the essence of change, Lance Armstrong & Kona 2013

Susann interviewing Chris McCormack, Sydney, March 2012  

When I was Down Under at Chris' in March I took the chance to talk with him about Olympic distance racing, about the changes in training he had to make, about aging as an athlete, and many other things. We had the talk in a very casual private atmosphere. It is very appealing to listen to Chris, how he motivates himself again and again to achieve the extraordinary. The talk is an exciting walk through the short history of triathlon with one of its few icons alive. Enjoy it.

Bienvenida, Willkommen, Welcome to our BBex Mallorca

The BIEST BOOSTER* is a great tool for all endurance athletes, it's multifunctional due to the potency of Biestmilch. As one can promise a lot and delivery remains uncertain and a question of trust, we want to give all of you who race at 70.3 Mallorca the possibility to put the BIEST BOOSTER to test.

The experiment parcel contains 5 BIEST BOOSTERS,  recommendations for use and a link to the online protocol where you can write down your experiences, a voucher, BIEST stickers and tattoos.

>>> Deutsch & Español

MACCA and his family – The Making of the ESPN TV show

When Fritz Zorn and I have been at Chris' 6 weeks ago we took the chance to sneak behind the scenes and shoot the shooting of parts of the ESPN show. As you can see you don't necessarily need big equipment to do a good job. Enjoy the insight into an harmonic family life.
But don't worry not even at the McCormack's it is always like this. Every family has got its ups and downs!

Hey guys, here some race morning memories for you from Texas

Ronnie, Sebi & Yvonne at Ironman 70.3 Texas

Before you are heading out for your next adventure enjoy the Texas feeling. Lance Armstrong gives triathlon lots of impact. I think this was noticeable in Galveston already. It gave the race a professionalism that was not there before, and it gives you the kick to make more out of you. Be a warrior of your own style in this game. Biestmilch is going to support you as good as we can.

MACCA dancing the noodle-boxing dance

Long-distance racing makes you slowly. Since MACCA decided to go for the Olympics he had to do quite some adjustments of his way of training. It may sound bizarre to you, but the Ironman distances make you slowly, your reaction time slows down, swimming looks almost lethargic, and running is controlled. On short course swimming is just fast beyond fast. On the bike the guys try to safe energy for the run, because the run takes it all. Plus the crucial difference that drafting gives the race a totally different spin.

Happy Finish in Texas

This weekend in Galveston, Texas, was a very special one. With Lance Amstrong being one of the protagonists in the field gave the race a special flavor right from the day of its announcement. We have been here in Galveston last year, and honestly the difference between 2011 and 2012 was huge, and I think there is an unanimous assent on this. The race has been exciting, it was pure thrill.