Good quality nutrition can prevent the development of chronic inflammation. Once chronic illness has been diagnosed, we can treat it with nutritious food and thus improve our state of health.


A very personal view

My check list

Do I really feel well with my way of eating? 
Do I keep changing to new diet trends?

Do I actually like eating?
Do I constantly exercise restraint when eating?
Do I drive myself crazy counting calories all the time?
Am I a fussy eater?

Do I feel too fat? or ugly?

Am I afraid of fat and avoid it as much as I can?

Do I feel too fat? or ugly?

Do I tend to put on weight?
Is my stomach too fat?
Is my waist expanding?

Do I become bad-tempered when I am hungry?

Do I have attacks of hunger pangs or food cravings?
Does my midday dinner make me tired and reduce 
my performance ability?
Do I eat well-seasoned food?
Do I eat as many colourful varieties of food as possible?

Do I fast on a regular basis?