Experience through experimentation: a little guide

»By endurance, courage and passion we change«

Please take the BOOSTER as described below.
We look forward to you sharing your experience with us.

1. The BIEST BOOSTER early in the morning

Take a BOOSTER instead of your morning coffee, before a running or swimming session, or another training session that requires coordination, concentration and speed.

2. The BIEST BOOSTER in the evening

Take a BOOSTER if you want to complete a training session that evening and you are already tired or you lack motivation.

3. The BIEST BOOSTER during a long training run or other long training session

Take a BOOSTER before the session, after 2/3, or as soon as you feel the first signs of fatigue,
lose focus, feel your legs becoming heavy, or at risk of cramping. Drink enough, but avoid gels or bars.oder sich ein Krampf anzubahnen droht. Trinken Sie ausreichend,
aber vermeiden Sie Gels oder Riegel.