BIEST BOOSTER Emergency Pack: a short guide and check-list

»By endurance, courage and passion we change«

Please, take a BIEST BOOSTER as described below.
We are looking forward to your experience and hope you are sharing these with us.

1. Start the day with a BIEST BOOSTER.

Take a BIEST BOOSTER instead of your morning coffee, take it before you go on the road to work or to school, or when you have to get up extra early.

2. Take a BIEST BOOSTER at noon, when you feel fatigued or generally powerless and without energy.

In general the BIEST BOOSTER is always recommended, if your concentration and the ability to perform subside, and sleeping or relaxing is not an option. Most of you experience probably a kind of lull between 1:00 und 4:00 pm.

3. Do you feel getting sick right now? Then try the BIEST BOOSTER to alleviate the general symptoms of an illness.

4. Did you catch an acute infection such as a flu or a COVID-19 infection, then take the BIEST BOOSTER to alleviate the course of the acute infection.

5. The BIEST BOOSTER for Jet Lag and getting back into the rhythm of time.

Take a BIEST BOOSTER, when you feel the urge for sleeping,
but you still want to bridge a few hours to achieve an optimal day-night rhythm as fast as possible.