November 1999 we founded a company just for sake of marketing and selling Biestmilch.
We thought that now a dream may come true. Being an entrepreneur freed from the constraints of the corporate business, we thought we would just walk forward.
We were not able to imagine the windy stony paths that lay ahead of us.

Now, more than 17 years later we can say that we were able to sow the seeds for a brand, and can finally bring our vision and mission to the point.

And here is our manifesto we want to gear our work in accordance with. At this manifesto you can measure and criticize us.
Are these just empty words or will we meet our requirements and your needs?
Feel free to play the ball into our court!


We feel a strong passion for what we do.
We love diversity and change.
We have a standpoint, the standpoint allows us to see the world from various angles. Only the standpoint makes it possible for us to change the standpoint.

We are committed to complexity.
We love science if built upon intuition, experiment and experience.
We follow Aristoteles who already said, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

We do not believe in the True False dispositive of science.
We don't believe in the object and the subject differentiation, we believe in relations, connectivity and contextualization.
We are committed to Heinz von Förster's sentence "Objectivity is the illusion that observations can be made without an observer"


We see ourselves as one of the few pioneers the Western marketplace still has.
We want to free Biestmilch/colostrum from all the stigmata it got plastered on its polymorphic shape and form.
We consider Biestmilch as an outstanding diet for all chronic diseases. We believe in its preventive and prophylactic power.
We reinvented Biestmilch by positioning it as a modulatory agent and not as a substance of substitution or calorie provision.


The mission drives our business.
We don't believe in advertising, we believe in story-telling.
We believe in art being the tool for improving business.
For us matters much more how we do things than what we do.
We want to touch your souls, because it's the emotions that are remembered in the end.


We love and live what we do.
We believe in what we do.
We like to take risks and leave the beaten path.
We care.

Biestmilch opens doors into the unknown and motivates us to explore new territories. Biestmilch is able to take up the fight against the inexorably spreading chronic illnesses.
Biestmilch is a powerful tool within the scope of prophylaxis and prevention.


New beginnings are why we breathe.
Starting from scratch allows us to make incredible experiences.
Pioneer work makes us feel edges and limits far earlier.
As pioneers we have restricted means that motivate us to be creative and innovative. We have the privilege that copy & paste is not our main domain of work.


In the marketplace of Biestmilch (bovine colostrum) we were the first company world-wide developing a brand.
Over the years we are perceived as the pioneers and market leaders in this marketplace.
We have more than 13 years of field experience with Biestmilch in the therapeutic field and in endurance sports.
We collected evidence-based data through all these years that we can give you access to at any time you contact us.
We have been the first world-wide to explore the low-dose modulatory approach.
We own decades of medical and scientific experience under our umbrella.

Not only the source of our raw colostrum is of premium quality but also our own product development.
In-house product development is one of our premium features.
Our Biestmilch products are safe and efficacious produced according to HACCP, ISO and GMP standards.

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