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We all get flooded by newsletters, which is definitely annoying. Your reluctance and hesitation is therefore more than understandable. Because of all the controversies around newsletters that reach from just being spam to a useful tool of information, I want to give you some good reasons, why it is worthwhile to subscribe ours.

The BIESTMILCH Circular is not about offers and discount codes. It is not a product newsletter, it is the content which is our concern. First of all we want to introduce you to the world of BIESTMILCH or Colostrum respectively. Many of you may not be familiar with this amazing substance. But not only that, the newsletter picks up hot topics around well-being and illness. We are permanently combing through the upfront science published in the most reputable scientific journals. 

I am the author and dedicated the last 2 decades of my life to find out about the scientific background and foundation of this substance. The theories behind are accompanied and underscored by countless great experiences in healthy and sick people. And still after so many years of hand-on experience the effects of BIESTMILCH on our body surprise me. I have a strong and unbroken passion for Biestmilch that I would like to pass over to you.

Susann Kraeftner, MD & company founder
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