The site intends to open the gates to an easier access to a complex topic that is entwining around BIESTMILCH. The 4 section embed well-being as much as illness and are founded on the assumption that the body speaks only one language.

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Data indicates that the quality and the amount of food we ingest is of greatest importance for our wellbeing and longevity. Our genetic outfit is less important than we assumed.

BIESTMILCH influences the way of how we are aging.

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Dealing with stress situations is exhausting for all involved bodily systems. Nowadays our stress situations are not directly life-threatening anymore, but on the long run they may at least contribute to a massive impairment of our quality of life and wellbeing.

BIESTMILCH makes you more stress-resistant.

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If exercise turns into stress, well-being is jeopardized. This can happen when stress factors like job, family and training accumulate. BIESTMILCH widens the margins within which we can move without tilting over the edge.

BIESTMILCH strengthens your immunity and fosters your overall wellbeing.

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The basic rule for the prophylaxis with BIESTMILCH is to take it regularly. It is regularity that matters not necessarily the amount. The body needs time to change. To really benefit from a change in lifestyle can take a year and more.

Prophylaxis with BIESTMILCH is oral immunization.

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The activity state of the immune system, be it low or high, is involved in conditions such as pain, appetite, sleep, fatigue, motivation, fever, metabolism, allergies, asthma, and all other chronic illnesses.

BIESTMILCH can appease and push immunity.

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Biestmilch also known by the name of colostrum is a food no supplement. When it comes to safety and efficacy it has to be judged according to criteria applied to food and not to medicine or supplements. 

All our BIESTMILCH products are either made from colostrum powder or colostrum whey. They are safe products according to the requirements for foods.

BIESTMILCH capsules, chewable tablets, solution and the BIEST BOOSTER are manufactured in Germany according to Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP, which is a pharmaceutical standard.

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