Whether for regular workouts, during training for more ambitious athletes or for the competitive athlete BIESTMILCH is a food that should be part of the daily diet as it is strengthening and balancing the immunity.


In my opinion there are two different mindsets why one is dedicated to sports regardless of which sport one does that ask for a slightly different approach to BIESTMILCH.

For the sake of wellbeing and fitness, and to influence the way of aging.

For competitive reasons to feel the kick of adrenalin and endorphins. 

For both groups Biestmilch has got enormous benefits, especially when considered as part of the daily diet, and thus taken regularly.

A significant amount of scientific data underscores the central role of the immune system in controlling and regulating our immune state.

Not only when it comes to cope with infectious diseases,
but also when muscle and metabolic adaptations are required as a consequence of regular workouts or training respectively immunity plays a central role.

Immunity and exercise are recognized as essential for well-being and are positively influencing the process of aging.

Regular workouts stabilize immunity and balance out your body-mind entity. Only if exercise turns into a stress factor, well-being is jeopardized.


Only if exercise turns into a stress factor, well-being is jeopardized. This happens especially then, when stress factors accumulate.
For competitive athletes this can easily happen, if job, family and training together exceed a certain stress level.
Biestmilch is therefore amazing because it definitely widens the margins within which we can move without tilting over the edge of balance. 

Moreover integrated into our daily diet routines Biestmilch has got the similar effects on the immunity and the aging process as regular moderate workouts. It makes our organism more robust by taming all kind of inflammatory processes smoldering in our bodies at any time.

Due to this effect Biestmilch unfolds its preventive power that helps to avoid, delay or alleviate the outbreak of any chronic diseases.
Our genetic disposition makes us all differently susceptible to illnesses of chronic dimensions as there are chronic virus infections, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer etc..

BIESTMILCH (bovine colostrum) is a natural product with an outstanding immune modulatory power.

Due to its natural complexity of thousands of different bioactive molecules, BIESTMILCH influences the body's whole condition.
Our experience over more than 13 years tells us that one chewy tablet Biestmilch (900 mg) or 3 capsules (300 mg) every day are all you need to stabilize your body.

But please, keep in mind, take it regularly.
During high intensity training or strong stress exposure your body may ask for more.
Try to find out the quantity which agrees with you best.
Each organism is different.


For those who do their sport because they want to keep themselves fit and well the standard amount of 900 mg Biestmilch on a daily base suffices.
For competitive amateur athletes and pros applies the same: they should use Biestmilch at least during the critical parts of the training, and when stress factors accumulate.
You can take larger quantities without any reservations. Biestmilch is well tolerated even in large quantities. Always keep in mind it's food not medicine.


If you feel fit and well 1x 1 BIESTMILCH Chewable Tablet (900 mg Colostrum) or 3x 1 BIESTMILCH capsule daily suffices. Under the circumstances of a special stress exposure such as a training camp or the flare-up of an illness it is recommended to temporarily increase the amount.
Triple or quadruple the standard amount of 900 mg. Especially before and after a training camp you should consider to booster the immunity.


If you feel fit and well 1x 1 BIESTMILCH Chewable Tablet (900 mg Colostrum) a day suffices.


If you enhance the intensity (volume and strength) of your training, then you may increase the amount of BIESTMILCH by 3 to 4 times of the standard amount (900 mg). Preferably you take 2 to 3 of the BIESTMILCH Chewable Tablets in the morning, and 1 to 3 after the last training session.


The days of tapering are an extremely sensitive period of time before a race. Don't hesitate to increase the BIESTMILCH amount up to six times compared to the standard.

You don't want to risk your start while you put so much effort into achieving this goal. Have a BIEST BOOSTER with you at any time. Take one as soon as you feel destabilized or out of balance.

In case of feeling slightly ill increase the amount. In this case it is recommended to take 4 to 8 grams. In this state the BIEST BOOSTER is an excellent option.


Especially the BIEST BOOSTER is perfectly suited to become an integral part of the race nutrition in all endurance competitions. Underneath are 13 rules of thumb that may give you some guidance. In the end - and this applies to everything said above - you have to make the experiences yourself and adapt your BIESTMILCH regimen accordingly.

The concept of intake was collected from our experience in triathlon, but can easily be transferred to any other endurance performance. The effect of the BIEST BOOSTER depends on your very personal physiology. The amount you take is not depending on your body weight, but on the general sensitivity of your body. The effect of the Guarana in specific depends on the sensitivity of your caffeine receptors.


  • There is a wide range of ways how to take the BIEST BOOSTER.
  • Take one BOOSTER 20 to 30 minutes before the swim start.
  • Consider the BOOSTER as soon as you feel your legs becoming heavy on the bike.
  • Be ready to take a BOOSTER as soon as you feel the onset of fatigue.
  • Take a BOOSTER, if you realize that you are losing focus and your thoughts drift away.
  • You can take BOOSTERS on the run when you feel the cadence decrease and your stride length getting shorter.
  • You can let them dissolve in your cheek pouch, it will be absorbed anyway You take a bite only and eat it bit by bit as the race progresses.
  • The most extreme regimen we know of are a BOOSTER every other hour on a long distance and 9 pieces on the marathon.
  • Do it your way!
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