Participate in the BIEST BOOSTER BODY PERCEPTION EXPERIMENT and order your free sample

You receive 3 BOOSTERS, make your own choice when to take them! 

We recommend to take them after the hard workout as they improve recovery, or on a day before a great stress exposure like a race or a hard day on the job. The BIEST BOOSTER is able to calm down stomach and gut.

The 2 chewable tablets which are included build, if taken regularly, the base for a stable immunity and condition your gastrointestinal tract.

Beware: the chewable tablets can only unfold their full power, if taken every day.

With the package comes a booklet that gives you some guidelines on how to assess the effects of Biestmilch.

If you are an athlete, here are our recommendations
when to take the BIEST BOOSTER

  • 20 - 30 minutes before the swim training
  • Before you start a conditioning and strength workout session in the gym
  • Take one BOOSTER with you on a long run, and eat the BOOSTER when you start to feel the fist signs of fatigue (stride length, cadence, tonicity)
  • Take one BOOSTER with you on a long bike ride, eat it when you start losing focus or/and the legs start feeling heavy (watts, cadence)

If you don't consider yourself as an athlete,
here are our suggestions when to take the BIEST BOOSTER

  • You are fatigued and are losing focus on the job. Take the BOOSTER instead of a coffee.
  • You have issues getting over the jet lag
  • During an exam to start feeling exhausted and your concentration declining.
  • Take the BOOSTER before a presentation, a talk or moderation that consumes all your senses to stay focused and calm.
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