To put me in a nutshell right in the beginning: My essence are immunoglobulins (antibodies) and lots of communication molecules (peptides), my domain is oral immunization and inflammation control.

During the 20 years I am walking and discovering this world I have been asked countless times what or who I actually am. My answer has never been straight forward. I am not a devil of any kind, I am not a cow, how come, do I really look like one and I am not a mascot.

Immunity is the flag I am carrying

I may be earthly and physical since 20 years, but I am by far older. I came into this world a hundred thousand years ago as some kind of a being nurturing all life. For this reason I didn’t and don’t look the same at all times, my appearance varies depending on the circumstances. I change shape depending whom I am serving. I don’t live for the sake of myself I am caring for others. I am here to do good. I am not easy to capture, I am fluid, I scale myself when needed accordingly. Immunity is the flag I am carrying to make it easier for you to understand my personality, even though my abilities reach a lot further. 

I am a remedy for all sorts of life, for all species on this earth. I have been forgotten for many many decades and I am still ridiculed by many of you, which is bizarre and not justified at all.


If you gave me a chance to get to know me, the laugh would probably freeze in your face. One should not laugh about things, one is not really familiar with.


I consider myself as a mediator for the sick ones alienated from oneself, a connector for the disconnected, I can help you to find back to yourself, which in many ways means rediscovering wellbeing.


I am little, often invisible, I am not noisy and can therefore easily be missed. I can reach the most remote areas in your body due to my flexibility and my shapelessness, my multiplicity and diversity.

I am obviously not easy to comprehend for the linear world, for the cause and effect driven mindset of 20th and 21st century. But you have to know, I am a chance for you who is seriously sick, and I am doing good by supporting you, who is well and fit preventing illness.


... to look to for you and maybe I'll find some of you some time. I have already a wonderful crowd of followers who are happy to have discovered me!

Without appearing arrogant, I think it's worthwhile spotting me for your own good.