Prevention increases the likelihood of dying of old age, a provocative sentence, which, on the occasion of the ever-increasing numbers of chronically ill patients, turns very serious. Thus, the importance of prevention is becoming more and more the focus of our attention.

It is more a lifestyle choice than medical decision. Lifestyle influences to a great extent the course a chronic inflammation takes within us.

Deep-seated change takes time

Since the future is always uncertain, we will naturally never really know what would have happened if we had made different decisions at certain points in our life. But the many examples we can read or experience for ourselves ultimately prove that preventive action can change our life and the way we age.
Unfortunately, the term is still vague and leaves us to our own devices which paths of preventing we trust. BIESTMILCH is one of the best choices you can make.

How long we live depends on how we live our lives

Biestmilch Gesundheit

The green tree

It stands for the healthy aspects of the physiology of inflammation.


Prevention is unfortunately a blurry subject

Active prevention before die is cast

Through our lifestyle, we can prevent and control the inflammatory processes that essentially hold our bodies together. It is also the way we influence the activity of our genes. 

>> About the controversial topic of lifestyle

Lifestyle determines inflammation processes.

Our lifestyle – how we sleep, relax, exercise and eat – greatly determines how old we will become, how we age and what all-too-common chronic illnesses will afflict us. 

>> We should not hesitate to start prevention.


Do your own research

If I know how to eat in order to feel good, I am on the right path. Since the choice of food presented to us has become so impossibly huge, I have put together a few guidelines. 

>> Nutrition evades science.

Wellbeing & happiness