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Knowledge base

Experience Experiment Science or making BIESTMILCH seizable

Over man years we collect experiences, define experimental setups to verify and underscore the experiences made with BIESTMILCH in field. We read among others the numerous papers on topics like inflammation, stress, immunity published in the international quality journals to be on top with the latest scientific research.

All this led to the publication of several brochures, leaflets and last but not least to a book. The book is currently only available in German, but our new website you can find the essential content of it in English too.

BIEST BOOSTER Body Perception Kit

In performance, it is all about a fine body awareness! BIESTMILCH sharpens your senses, improves body perception and as a consequence your performance.

by Susann Kraeftner, MD BIESTMILCH - about a unique substance and a long lost self-conception. A4, 16 pages, written in English
by Susann Kraeftner, MD This brochure gives you the essentials. What you should really know about BIESTMILCH, if you are using it as an endurance athlete. A4, 16 pages, written in English

Biestmilch should be an integral part of your race nutrition. About the why you can read in this text.