Swine flu brings about new awareness of the importance of immunity

Swine flu brings about new awareness of the importance of immunity

Today I  had a long telephone call with Chris. He is back in Sydney and wanted to fly to Singapore for a short holiday with his family. Not that easy as it turned out. Asia is in a turmoil because of the swine flu. At Singapore airport they have implemented a temperature sensor that is screening all visitors to the country. Elevated temperatures mean a quarantine for 7 days. As his daughter Tahlia is still a little bit frail after the cold she had, and her temperature still slightly above normal, Emma and Chris don’t want to take the risk. Swine flu is the issue in South Asia, he told me. “It seems that whole Australia is sick”, he said. People walk around Sydney with face masks, they prefer to stay home instead of going out. “It is weird”, he said, “having been in Europe for so long I missed the months that lead to this escalation of the situation. It is all about immunity and the immune system around me.”

The flu is a viral infection. The most powerful tool against this illness is a strong immune system. This is straight in the line with biestmilch.

“People buy all that stuff that is mentioning immunity, there is a real hype around the immune system. We, my family and I, carry a shield of biestmilch around us. People should at least now start to understand how powerful biestmilch is to stabilize and strengthen the immune system”, Chris underscores.

Never before Chris told me immumity has been that much a center of concern. People just buy and take everything that has got the name “immune” with it.

There is this Italian study that gives so strong evidence that biestmilch is superior to vaccination.

Preventing flu infections with colostrum (biestmilch) – a comparative study to flu vaccination
„San Valentino epidemological study”
M. R. Cesarone, G. Belacaro, U. Cornelli, A. Di Renzo, F. Mucci, M. Dugall, M. Cacchio, M. Cornelli, R. Adovasio, F. Fano, A. Ledda, A. Ricci, S. Stuard, G. Vinciguerra

Department for biomedical science
G D’annunzio Universität, Chieti, Pescara, Italien



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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Interview with Chris McCormack after the Frankfurt Ironman race at Biestmilch’s after party


  1. wow. I think people take the swine flu too serious. All those face mask , immunities, censors at the airports.. a bit too much. Im in Eastern Europe , here 90% of the people just dont care about that epidemic of swine flu. I think its not as dangerous as presented.

  2. still another panic report… did you know that Influenza Virus survives 14 days on banknotes? There are plans to advise those employees who have to take a lot of money in their hands to use rubber gloves. What else can we expect as preventive methods?? Wash your hands, not the money!

  3. I think the media managed to make this issue with the swine flu look more dangerous than it really is. And people start to go crazy buying all kind of stuff that allegedly makes your immunity system stronger and able to fight the virus. I guess pharmaceutical industry is the winner in this case! 🙂

  4. Hi Guy,
    may be the media push the panic of swine flu and maybe the pharmaceutical industry is interested in pushing this panic too. But there is one thing, which is natural und absolutely good for every immune system and that’s BIESTMILCH!! The pharmaceutical industry is not able to rebuild this fantastic natural substance!! Since I take Biestmilch – my immune system learns to react… I haven’t been ill since 2 1/2 years :-)). That’s a very good argument – what do you think?

  5. Google ATS, and read up on the ‘Shangri La’ virus known as ‘swine flu’ it’s man made, and the vaccines are probably more dangerous than the virus. Be Prudent, do your homework, be very aware!

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