Two different eyes seeing an influenza virus

Two different eyes seeing an influenza virus

Two views on a virus.
In biology it is problematic if you draw an organism like being a part of your kid’s toy box like the first image below, no activity state visible, no change in time. The other one shows you a beautiful pattern. It is the electron microscope that is giving you this image. You have to have the eye of a virologist to be able to understand either. Or you need a long explanation allowing you to enter the world of an expert in biology. Then you may be in their world and understand, but that does not necessarily mean that you ended up at the essence of form and function of a virus. It still may be all very different as knowledge and perspectives drift, shift or change.

Influenza Virus
Model of an influenza virus seen by a virologist with drawing skills


Viruses seen through the of a electron microscope
Viruses seen through the lens of an electron microscope

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