MACCA racing in Devonport, Tasmania

Fritz, my cameraman and I were traveling all the way long from Frankfurt respectively Vienna to observe the race in Devonport. It was a very small race mainly focused on the competition between Australia and New Zealand. The Australian team order was to beat the Kiwis. If you know Macca, subordination is not really his business but anyhow I think he seriously tries and does a good job. He wants to give his very best for the team.
Fritz and I enjoyed Tasmania. What a remote and peaceful place! The time we spent there was much too short. For the meeting with possums and wallabies we definitely did have not enough time left. Hopefully there is another chance to withdraw there for a longer period of time. Our B&B was so beautiful, called the Silver Ridge Retreat close to the town of Sheffield, a wonderful place.
Excuse this drifting away, but if you travel that far into another universe, a race becomes so minute for the short instances you are there.
But now back to the competition…

… except Brandon Sexton nobody had a really good race. Brandon’s run was great, no one could keep his pace. Chris came in with the 5th fastest run time which was not bad, but not good enough to make everything clear for the Olympics. So the procedure of qualifying is going to be dragging along.
Maybe Madrid will be the place where the final decision is made which is fairly late if one considers beginning of August being the date that decides about who is going to win the medals.



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