US Travel Episodes, video 1

The Key Drama of San Francisco
This time when traveling to San Fra I had booked Fritz and myself into a private studio. You can save a lot of money by doing so. Fritz and I arrived early evening and were looking forward to getting into the place. Until then I had not received any instructions on how to get into our apartment in Chestnut Street.

What happened in brief in case the video is too cryptic 😉 :
… key not available upon arrival, killing time with a drink, instructions arrived, key found under stone in front of building, managed to open wrong front door with the key… being in the wrong building found no key for apartment door under door mat … leaving building, after having identified right building front door opened easily, found key under mat, stepped into apartment, opened back door, went out on roof top, enjoyed view when hearing door slamming… locked out, desperate, knocking door of neighbor underneath, a Chinese finally opened his door and led us back in again through the front door. Thank god, we hadn’t closed the apartment door yet…. saved!!!!



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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US travel episodes, video 2

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