HULA very personal beyond the exploitation of cultural values

thanks to Noelani Kalili Canon, Tis’a Moana Kalili-Wenzel & Ka’imi ‘Aina
Holualoa, Big Island, 2016

2016, my 13th time on the Big Island, was a very special year. After so long Kjell and myself, decided to finally discover the beauty of this island beyond the tracks we have been walking on for the last years and beyond the routines of our IRONMAN world championship activities.
On the last day of our spectacular stay – the day of our get-together – our dear Hawaiian friends surprised us with an extraordinary Hula session.
Enjoy the spirit!

PS the championship had been really successful for us with a 2nd, a 5th and 15th place, Sebastian Kienle, Andi Boecherer & Ronnie Schildknecht. You see them sitting in the audience, very relaxed indeed.



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