Hamilton: the Island where butterflies never sit still

For me Hamilton Island was not exactly an attractive place for filming. My eyes have been
bored, were not the birds and butterflies who compensated for the disgrace of the human race.
I am not talking about the SuperLeague’s job. This was well done, as far as I can dare to judge the things.
But the island as such loses its beauty under the hands of the rich and those who wish to appear rich. Nature is either caged in for the rich to life a life unmolested by the middle-class who is locked away at big hotel buildings, hotel pools and on cruise ships.
The food for a spoiled »Austrian girl« was terrible and super expensive, beyond proportions. The cockatoos and crows liked our leftovers helping to keep the Island clean, not so the flying foxes and the little parrots.
The 3 trails on the Island gave me an idea what this island once may have been like before we arrived. So many beautiful butterflies I met on my few walks, but these guys have been permanently on the move, scared or busy? Who knows… I was not able to capture them with my lens. But never mind, memories are as good. Not everything needs to become digitalized to stay real



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