Biestmilch Chewable Tablets

BIESTMILCH chewable tablets

They are a food of a special kind.

Lemony in taste and taken only once a day, at whatever time of day, will do you good to strengthen your immune system and prevent. Holistically effective, completely natural, no side effects have been documented so far.

BIESTMILCH/Colostrum, the ingredient that makes it effective, has been created by nature over millions of years. For all mammals, including humans, it is the immune system of the first weeks and months, which we need to live at all.

Since change takes time, we recommend a cure of three months.


Biestmilch Capsules


300 mg of pure BIESTMILCH/Colostrum in one capsule for fine dosage regimen.
We recommend the capsules to all those who have a very vulnerable or already sick organism, one that quickly gets out of balance.

For example, if your gastrointestinal tract is upset, your skin is very sensitive, whether to food, the weather, materials of clothing, or if a particularly aggressive treatment awaits you, then the capsule is certainly the best option for you.

Please opt for at least a cure of three months.

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Biestmilch Biest Booster


More Biestmilch with a shot of Guarana for the special push of the immune system

The BIEST BOOSTER from our BIESTMILCH portfolio is the product for the impatient character. Within 30 minutes you will feel its effect. You feel more awake, more alert, overall you just feel better.

One BIEST BOOSTER contains 4 grams of Biestmilch/Colostrum, which is almost 14 capsules. That is why the BIEST BOOSTER is especially suitable for pronounced periods of weakness and extreme stress situations.

In such life situations, the challenges to the immune system are very great and the holistic support of the BOOSTER does no harm in any case.



Biestmilch Subscriptions


With a subscription you save money and you no longer have to remember to order.
Of course, you can cancel the subscription at any time.