Moving is essential for our wellbeing. We are not talking about elite sports here, but about the fact that we should try by all means to reduce our daily sitting time.

A number of studies show that moderate exercise has a very positive effect on the stress system. It has been proven that regular exercise reduces tumor marker levels in breast cancer patients.

An active lifestyle helps reduce the likelihood that an inflammatory process that is already ominously simmering in us will turn into a chronic disease.

Compensating for sitting during the week with ambitious training units on the weekend is not effective. The movement must be done regularly. This is good for our metabolism and significantly improves our wellbeing.

BIESTMILCH as part of a balanced diet combined with moderate daily training effectively supports our endeavors to stay fit and healthy.

We don‘t move to burn more calories, but because our wellbeing is important to us. Wellbeing is a whole body feeling that requires that all systems of the organism are in good condition, especially the three super systems of regulation: the nervous system, immune system and hormones.

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Improve your performance while staying in balance

Every strain, depending on the intensity and duration, may become a stress factor. A positive strain on the body like sporting activity should not throw us off balance but rather push our body to the limit.

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Nourishing with Biestmilch helps preventing illness

We have empirical data from field studies of other cultures and societies that show how our lifestyle can influence life and death. Lifestyle changes make sense and they are never too late.

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Obesity is a regulatory disorder

Obesity leads to chronic inflammation. The inflammatory condition is the first step towards a chronic illness. An acidic milieu develops in various tissues as a result of inflammation and the metabolic dynamics. Diet plays a key role.

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Move daily and enjoy it