Experience – Experiment – Science

or making BIESTMILCH seizable

Over man years we collect experiences, define experimental setups to verify and underscore the experiences made with BIESTMILCH in field. We read among others the numerous papers on topics like inflammation, stress, immunity published in the international quality journals to be on top with the latest scientific research.

All this led to the publication of several brochures, leaflets and last but not least to a book. The book is currently only available in German, but our new website you can find the essential content of it in English too.

Knowledge makes us feel more secure while venturing out into an uncertain future. More about the topic you can read here >>

Understanding inflammation

If we can envision the importance of inflammation for wellbeing, lifestyle changes come easier to us.

Collected FOR YOU

Two decades of experience

Stress and time in biology

The feeling of stress is the response of the stress system to environmental stimuli, but also to triggers within our body. Incidentally, we are 100,000 times more sensitive to changes within our internal world than our external environment.

>> Time is integral to life

The stress response

Any influence on the body which threatens to upset its equilibrium is a stress factor which initiates a stress response, irrespective of whether the stress factors are of a physical or psychological nature.

>> Stress in the biological sense of the word


The immune system never sleeps

The immune system is a regulatory system not a war machine. It is an essential part of the stress system. The state of immunity decides to a great deal to our wellbeing.

>> About the regulatory properties of the immune system

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