Cannabis: why did it remind me of biestmilch

Cannabis: why did it remind me of biestmilch

A few days ago I read a short post on boingboing about the medicine behind pot. Since then cannabis keeps my mind busy ;-). In somehow I had this vague feeling that biestmilch and cannabis have got something in common. I started a quick search, I googled along thousands of different sites that were talking about this wonderful, dangerous and diverse substance. Cannabis was outlined as medication, as legal conflict, as good for sex, for pain, as psychoactive drug, as a plant that interested humans since ancient times, in China, in India, in Egypt etc. They knew already about the many useful effects of cannabis in the most different situations.

I gave in after a few hours of searching. I knew now that it was impossible to tackle this subject in a days time. But anyhow, I read a few articles and my notion got supported that cannabis and biestmilch got something in common.

Biestmilch is no psychoactive drug. I have to stress this here in the beginning, not harm our wonderful biestmilch. But both of them, biestmilch and cannabis work on the body as a whole, the cannabinoid system is spread throughout the body, similar to the immune system and the nervous system. Science discovered receptors – they call them cannabinoid receptors (CB1, CB2) that are expressed by all body cells in varying densities. Thus cannabis is interacting with all body systems.
Of course, cannabis actions are not as complex as the ones of biestmilch. Biestmilch contains an uncountable amount of different molecules interacting with the immune, the nervous system and the hormones.
As different as they may seem, both of them act on our body as a whole, and their effects vary depending on the condition of the body, on the amount of receptors expressed in this moment of time.
Both substances unfold their effects on the central and the peripheral nervous system and on the immune system. Cannabis and biestmilch communicate with the body’s most intergrative systems.

Cannabis has one advantage. It is not as complex as biestmilch, therefore there is more scientific data available. It has a major handicap it is famous for being a psychoactive drug and is stigmatized for that. Biestmilch does not face this conflict. It faces another one which is as far-reaching as well, it so complex that science has produced little hard evidence until now.
For many of us experience is too soft an evidence. Perhaps we should reconsider our esteem of experience, give it a more precious, more influential position in our lives, trust it more!

Be it as it may, both substances can help a lot in chronic diseases and fatal conditions, in cases when no other treatment gives relief anymore. We therefore should reconsider the position of both and their use. Perhaps they have synergetic effects.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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  1. Biestmilch is better than Cannabis, because a lot of physical reactions maybe equal, but with Biestmilch you have the control of yourself :-))

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