Heart rate variability or not only the heart plays its own tune

Heart rate variability or not only the heart plays its own tune

Yesterday I presented a very sober and scientific perspective on heart rate variability, today it is the creative and intuitive approach to our heart. I think, listening to this music gives a good idea what it means to have healthy or sick heart.
Listen to the music of your healthy heart 😉 … Listen to a sick heart!

Ever since 1819, when Theophile Laennec first put a block of wood to a patient’s chest to listen to her heartbeat, physicians have relied on auscultation to help diagnose cardiopulmonary disorders.

Mark Ballora, Ary L.Goldberger and colleagues propose a novel diagnostic method based in music technology. Digital music software is employed to transform the sequence of intervals between consecutive heartbeats into an electroacoustic soundtrack. The results show promise as a diagnostic tool and also provide the basis of an interesting musical soundscape.

If your heart plays a melody of great variety and flexibility, it accounts for healthiness. This does not only apply to the heart, cells, membranes, receptors, ligands, body fluids, all of them move with their own rhythms and vibrations like the surface of the ocean under changing weather conditions. One day we may be able to have a software that is able to play our body’s tune. Maybe it can become a diagnostic tool of great precision and individuality…



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