Almost all of you are loyal BIESTMILCH users since many years. I assume that prevention is one of the reasons why you take BIESTMILCH regularly. My experience has shown me that testing all sorts of blood parameters to give you an idea of your health condition is very trendy but in many ways useless. 

Many of the results taken unfortunately remain uninterpreted, if there is no clearcut pathologic parameter recognisable. So no consequences for your lifestyle are undertaken. 

This letter wants to talk about this topic as testing is too expensive when useless.


My work with BIESTMILCH, I am on it since 25 years by now and I have seen heaps of test results of patients with the most different diseases from allergies, tumours to autoimmune diseases.
What I have been learning is that a single parameter cannot give you enough information for a concise diagnosis.

Be ahead of testing
In the BIESTMILCH universe we adhere to a holistic mindset. Our passion and goal is to recognise an illness before it becomes apparent in the test results. I have piles of papers on my desk with test results of friends who care about their well-being. What do doctors do with results that don’t show any straightforward pathology? 
How many of you are frustrated by the medical system and the way you are treated?

Body awareness instead of testing?

Not easy as it needs changing habits. Habits have a lot to do in what you believe is right. A measurement may be a proof of concept, it may be misleading into the false direction. A sudden unexpected awakening with a chronic illness can’t be excluded. Measuring has to take the course of time into consideration and then analyse the pattern emerging.

What to measure and why?

BIESTMILCH is a very sensitive tool to help you to improve your body feeling. Your body talks to you permanently, you just have to understand the signs it sends you and then discover your very personal path to well-being.

BIESTMILCH is prevention. You can check its efficacy by measuring the following parameters on regular basis.

Especially when vaccinated you should consider taking BIESTMILCH on a regular basis. As we know today the vaccine makes you receptive to diseases of all kinds.

Useful preventive measuring

A very sensitive parameter to check your inflammatory state is C-reactive protein and HbA1c. BIESTMILCH can prove its efficacy by bringing this value back to normal.

Measuring Insulin resistance as well as HbA1c are very useful to see whether you are prone to develop e.g. diabetes type 2 one day or any other chronic condition… 

Important to keep in mind: the COVID-19 vaccine weakens the interferon gamma response, the cytokine important for the immune response to viruses

Parameters that matter

Through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise programs you can reduce the risk of complications associated with elevated blood sugar levels.

To check your immune system and whether a chronic inflammation is smouldering in your body Interleukin 6 and the Type 1 Interferons are helpful markers too. Please, keep in mind that one has to observe measurement patterns over time.

29th OF FEBRUARY 2024

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3 capsules daily
one chewable tablet daily
take one when needed

Patterns instead of snapshots

There are lots of variables over time that may influence the test results. Be it the weather, your diet, stress exposure, traveling, your family situation, your job and many more. Every detail may change results.

Blood pressure is a good example, so are your cortisol levels which influence the glucose level in the blood and may simulate a diabetic metabolic state. And only a few days later the picture looks differently or perfectly normal. Therefore look for the pattern.

Interpretation of test result

Figures need context, the interpretation of your test results says more about the doctor’s mindset than about your health or illness.

Figures need a frame of reference to turn into reliable data, the thought model behind the compilation of tests has to be transparent, the motives that drive the doctor’s interpretation have to be lucid to you and understandable.
Does this happen, when you see a doctor?

How does our body function, how did your life become what it currently is?

Our diagnostic means have been increasing overwhelmingly during the last decades since I finished my medical studies in the beginning of the eighties. Unfortunately therapeutic options did not develop with the same pace. The more testing we perform the more apt is the danger of misinterpretation. One thing is clear to me connecting the dots and paint the picture that allows adequate conclusions cannot be replaced by adding more and more diagnostic tools. For getting it right we doctors have to listen to our patients and ask the right questions. 

BIESTMILCH/colostrum mirrors the principle of all life: complexity, loops, feedback loops, cycles and circuits.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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