Endurance – a whole-body condition

Terms that come into my mind while musing about endurance

Stamina, training, concentration, motivation, resilience, body-mind balance, energy, body awareness, holistic biology, systems biology …

All topics popping up in my head when thinking about BIESTMILCH and endurance. And on what to focus in this short exposé?

Life is incredibly resilient, if all bodily system collaborate in harmony.

Body activity emerges from entangled and subentangled loops, circles and circuits.

A few days ago a pregnant woman called me to ask whether she can take it during her pregnancy. Such questions still shake and amaze me.

BIESTMILCH in its complexity touches all of these states! 

I am working with BIESTMILCH since 25 years and I hit the wall uncountable times while trying to find out how this jewel of nature actually unfolds its amazing powers. Until today the doubts concerning this truly natural substance prevail in public. 

When you ask the WHY question in biology or medicine and receive a ONE CAUSE straight answer tells you that the one you ask is either lying, arrogant or dum… the choice is yours! My advice: doubt the expert opinion, do your own research

As you can deduce from my associations endurance is a complicated phenomenon far beyond muscle contraction. I assume that all of you who are not oversleeping their whole life 😉 are familiar with endurance, be it in sports, at work, in school, driving whatsoever. It sounds that all hands-on acting has a segment involving endurance. How easily it can be weakened by stress, illnesses, even the smallest kind of, by social disharmony etc., etc…

Related to the paragraph beside is without any doubt connected the fact that the stress system lies right in the core of the phenomenon: the stress system composed of the immune system, the autonomous nervous system and the hormones, the metabolic system and its efficient energy production, regardless of how I deconstruct our organism to identify pathways, interacting molecules and structures in great detail, the emergence of equilibrium and harmony plays the powerful tune that carries us through the most difficult situations. For me that’s endurance. To get there is all about training, training beyond how sports defines it.

The just said, the results and conclusions made always defer to an experimental set-up in the lab.

In the wild only observations let us conclude and this is then not respected as scientific therefore not being true.

The enemy lurks everywhere

I don’t want to bother you with details here, a newsletter being not the place for that. Only one thing you have to understand, whenever it comes to whole body phenomena like endurance, motivation, resilience, happiness, sadness etc. all bodily systems are involved to create them. And as this is the case, BIESTMILCH, complex in nature, should be your partner of support. It’s made to be part of your lifetime diet plan. Endurance is so important and it needs well-being. And well-being needs preventive measures. Therefore take BIESTMILCH on board to be safer. We live in a world more dangerous than I have ever experienced before (I am 68 by now). For survival endurance is badly required.


Have you ever wondered what BIESTMILCH can do for your endurance performance? 

It can do wonders! Those of you who take it since many years know that. BIESTMILCH is packed with essential nutrients and growth factors that can improve your stamina, energy levels, and overall performance. So why not give it a try and see the difference for yourself? Trust me, your body will thank you.

One does not have to ask the WHY-QUESTION all the time. You may get lots of stupid misleading answers.

In the very end we follow our gut when we make decisions. Do you question the science behind, the data? Never forget, how easy it is to get cheated when you are strolling through an area you have no expertise, you are not familiar with.


When it comes to endurance, biology plays a crucial role. Our body’s ability to adapt to stress and maintain a steady state is essential for endurance. This requires a combination of physical and mental toughness, proper nutrition, and consistent training. Endurance is not just about pushing through physical limits, but also about building resilience and determination.
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Stress and the stress response

First I had to learn that the body is not a substitution, but a regulation system. Moreover I had to explore the stress system, what it actually is. I had to learn that I need to differentiate between the stress system and the stress factors this system is exposed to. The stress response is a biological phenomenon. An overloaded stress system weakens stamina and as a consequence the performance.

The stress cycle, a complex network of uncountless interactions distributed through the whole body.

The stress system in brief

The stress system, a highly dynamic network of the nervous system, the immune system and the hormones, is involved in all physiological phenomena from the heart beat, the metabolism, the vessel dynamics to the gut motility, just to name a few. And very important, it contributes to our body awareness. All whole body conditions such as well-being, mood, motivation, happiness, sadness, have to do with the activity of the stress system.

3 caspules daily or one chewable tablet daily. The BIEST BOOSTER you take when needed.



As the health situation all over the world gets more and more dire, BIESTMILCH on a regular basis proved to be a cornerstone of well-being. Don’t hesitate and take advantage of my 25 years of experience.

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BIESTMILCH makes us more endurable & resilient

BIESTMILCH, be it the capsules, the chewable tablets or the BIEST BOOSTER, all of them have one in common, they are substances of complexity, with thousands of tiny protein molecules called peptides, a portion of minerals, some carbs for our microbiome and a small fraction of fat. Due to its complex nature, BIESTMILCH does a lot of good, e.g for the stress system and natural immunity.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

Controversies around the immune system, forget the war metaphor, it helps to lose angst!