Due to the recent worldwide events a foreword is required to this site. The term spreading out from the WEF for the reorganization of our world is "THE GREAT RESET".


The Corona pandemic forces all of us to change our mindsets. Taking precautions for the more than uncertain future turns into a main target of our lives. Even though, we may find the most distinct approaches among us, how to deal with the current situation, prevention became the main target of concern (confirmed by the reports of the Euromonitor International), be the starting points as different as they may be.

Regulation not Substitution

Organisms, we are regulatory systems, all life is about regulation. Equilibrium needs permanent regulation and control. The sketch below is a simplified display of the process which is continuously running through our bodies.

Our harsh headline is unfortunately more than just a simple truth. It is a law of life implying that all deaths at the end are a collapse of the immune system.


Biestmilch/colostrum is the most powerful food for the immune system. It is superior to all vaccines as it has been designed by nature's thousands of years of experience.

The evolution of our immunity is also the evolution of Biestmilch/colostrum. BIESTMILCH products strengthen the immune system and thus support immunity.
Immunity guarantees bodily balance and is essential for your wellbeing.


BIESTMILCH is the shining star on the Colostrum sky, continue to see why!



Nevertheless inflammation remains the core of action of Biestmilch as a substance. This is straightforward logic as immunity is integral part of inflammation.


In a nutshell: Inflammation is as essential for survival as is immunity. There is no healing taking place without an inflammatory process. The inflammation is an emergent phenomenon of the so-called super systems of regulation. There are the nervous system, the immune system and the hormones.

Remark: The immune system maintains the molecular integrity of our body, and not only of ours but of all living organisms, be it plants animals or humans.

BIESTMILCH, passion for life

Biestmilch is located where science, well-being, nutrition and movement merge to a powerful narrative. Lifestyle is conneting those four. BIESTMILCH strengthens and modulates with its molecular composition the immune system, the autonomous nervous system and the stress system. It soothes the processes that balance an organism in endanger to lose this balance. Biestmilch is a food, effective and tolerable.


Although it is possible to break down biestmilch (colostrum) into its individual parts, we will not, however, learn its great effects by doing so. 


The way Aristotle put it also applies to biestmilch: “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. 


For our ancestors, it was a valuable foodstuff and cure. It was valued and reserved for offspring, the ill, the elderly and ailing children. The knowledge about its potency has become lost to us today. There are now only a few isolated cases of people who bear the knowledge of its distinctiveness within themselves. In our latitudes, many farmers dispose of it as soon as the calf has received its share. 


Fresh biestmilch contains everything a newborn child requires. It contains sufficient fat, bacterial microflora, immunglobulins, hormones, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, mucopolysaccharides and a large number of cell communication molecules. In the first five to six days after birth, it is slowly converted into milk and then loses its unique character. 


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