All life be it in the fruit fly, the water bug, the trout, the ant, the quail, or in mammals, it is the mother that passes on the immunity to the offspring and thus determines the health status of youngster.



Sources of the immunity are for the invertebrates the egg and for the vertebrate the Biestmilch. 


For our forefathers Biestmilch was a foodstuff and a cure. Up to the first third of the past century, biestmilch was to be found in the kitchen and was recognised as a cure. Even today, recipes can be found for dishes containing flour made with biestmilch. People who have tried them go wild about them. There is nothing better than baking the plaited bun, for example, with biestmilch. At the beginning of the past century, it was still easy enough to get fresh biestmilch. Today, it has to be declared as a foodstuff and processed accordingly. However, I’ll get to that in a minute. Fresh biestmilch contains everything a newborn child requires. It contains sufficient fat, bacterial microflora, immunglobulins, hormones, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, mucopolysaccharides and a large number of cell communication molecules. In the first five to six days after birth, it is slowly converted into milk and then loses its unique character. Although it is possible to break down biestmilch into its individual parts, we will not, however, learn its great effects by doing so. The way Aristotle put it also applies to biestmilch: “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. 

For our ancestors, it was a valuable foodstuff and cure.


For our ancestors, it was a valuable foodstuff and cure. It was valued and reserved for offspring, the ill, the elderly and ailing children. The knowledge about its potency has become lost to us today. There are now only a few isolated cases of people who bear the knowledge of its distinctiveness within themselves. In our latitudes, many farmers dispose of it as soon as the calf has received its share.


Modern times and the increasing dominance of natural sciences have pushed this substance aside. Its diversity and its broad spectrum of active molecules are difficult to tackle for most research approaches. For this very reason, published studies rarely give justice to it, for everything that breaks out of linearity proves difficult for Western natural science to tame. This is why we also find it difficult to understand the effects of foodstuffs in all their complexity: to understand how they nourish us and guarantee our wellbeing and to comprehend what in the end constitutes its quality. This also has to do with the fact that our knowledge of physiology of the healthy organism is still very limited because, for many centuries, we only occupied ourselves with pathology, i.e. the sick body. It wasn’t until recently that scientists started to look at food from a different perspective, to see them rather as a multitude of bioactive molecules that interact with our body.

We all wish to live a long life being well and beautiful in the same time. The balance between our body's inside and the outside world is one presmise to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, the developments in the modern world bring about a lot of health hazards. Stress and nutrition undoubtedtly rank first. Both have a huge effect on the illnesses we develop one day.

For me the work with Biestmilch was actually my true way into the light of knowledge. To grab why and how Biestmilch unfolds its many effects, taught me to change my view on what an inflammation really is. It has nothing to do with what I had learnt and experienced during my days in the hospital. I was forced to ask myself, why and how Biestmilch improves perfromance and why and how it calms down allergies and stabilises the immune system of tumor patients. And of course, there was much more to find out to understand why and how Biestmilch brings together prevention and treatment. More than fifteen years of criss-cross reading and thinking finally lead to the view on inflammation I have today. 

Right from the beginning I want to pick up the thread of Biestmilch.

Biestmilch is a complex composition as all foodstuff und consists of a variety of bioactive molecules. It is no food supplement which has been designed in the laboratory. It is Like any foodstuff, Biestmilch is complex in composition and consists of a host of bioactive molecules. It is not a food supplement that was developed in the laboratory. It is the food that provides the first essential mouthful of life and is vital to survival. Biestmilch is extremely nutritious and gives a new-born everything it needs for a healthy start to life. It is the first food we ever come in contact with and it kick-starts the functioning of all our organs and bodily systems: our metabolism, immune system, nervous system, motor functions, blood vessels and so on.


Irrespective of age, weight and physical size, Biestmilch modulates inflammation within the body, by activating or suppressing it, thus having an extremely positive effect on our stress system. Biestmilch works by modulating the inflammatory environment surrounding the cells. Biestmilch is not about replacing a certain quantity of X by the same quantity of Y, which is the reason why the amount taken does not depend on body weight but on physical activity. Experience has proven that when Biestmilch is taken regularly, the body becomes more robust over time. Asthma and allergies lessen, the well-being of tumour patients improves, viral infections are less common and the symptoms of autoimmune diseases fade. In other words, it changes the progression of chronic inflammation and disease.

Biestmilch is the most powerful food in the world. It modulates inflammatory states. It is like oral immunization and thus strengthens immunity.  This is how Biestmilch makes us more stress resistent and stabilizes our performance ability. It improves our well-being by helping to maintain the balance between body and mind. All factors taken together are leading to beauty from inside and outside.