Controversies around the immune system, forget the war metaphor, it helps to lose angst!

The controversy about the metaphor underlying the understanding of this system and the scientific research guided by this metaphor brings us lots of trouble.

Since at least 150 years the metaphor of war characterises our understanding of the immune system. It is always about friend and foe and honestly seeing the immune system in the way almost all scientific work is based on, is deviating and leading the research around this system and life as such into a blind street. Is it intentional? Is it not? If I follow the mRNA vaccine technology I feel tempted to assume intentionality.
Since decades biology research gets stuck in the mud and noise of the war machinery. The interpretation of experiments is mostly based on the war metaphor. Immunity by no means consists of an arsenal of weaponry defending our life with heavy artellery fire at any time needed.

´Bullets are never lifesaving. Monoclonal antibodies e.g. are nothing else than bullets destroying the equilibrium of our organism.

Most of us perceive the immune system as some kind of warrior fighting against microorganisms, a view which in my opinion is completely wrong. Only think about the fact that our body contains round about eight kilos of microorganisms which are residing everywhere in our body, even in our brain, around 10 times more than body cells. They are no enemies, we need them badly for our livelihood, they take care of us and our environment. One could dare to say that there is no healthy nature without microorganisms. Since the reconnaissance, since Immanuel Kant, Isaac Newton, Darwin, the science tyranny of Rudolf Virchow, Paul Ehrlich’s Golden Bullet the scientific mindset in biology did not go through any major changes. Still we are hooked up on the one cause and one effect paradigm, blindfolded and hindering us to see the beautiful complexity of the universe.

The Germ Theory or the easy way out of the complexity of life

Germ theory encouraged the reduction of diseases to simple interactions between microorganisms and the host, without the need for the elaborate attention to environmental influences like hygienic conditions, wars, climate, natural disasters, diet, ventilation, sleep, recovery, sports activity etc..
It does not harm to change perspective once in a while. Questioning facts even when taken for granted since decades need questioning, only then real progress is possible.

We well succeeded to epitomise life but we have no clue how to reassamble the pieces. This can be very sad and harmful which our rigid medical system is a good example for. It got completely stuck in outdated paradigms.

Since I started out with Biestmilch, my passion until today, I had to swallow so much aversiveness, unbelievable. A substance that is so essential for life, is not human designed, but part of evolution since millions of years. And we have the guts to doubs its efficacy, its power? How arrogant is this!

Balance needs a complex approach to treatment and prevention. Biestmilch has the power of complexity and diversity. Why is the hesistancy towards it so huge?

I am tempted once and again to giving up as being overruled by Big Pharma, no success without money. My whole life flowed into this jewel. I am fed up of being ridiculed and overruled by deadly vaccines of which solely the name tells me about its harmfulness. We are against the GMO technology, but we wellcome a deadly “gene therapy” without any proper research behind the concept, a sloppy manufacturing process is in place which makes each lot differently harmful? How insane is this, are we?

Now with the pandemic we are walking backwards instead of developing a better understanding of the complexity of life, of the emergence of chronic illnesses that bring the helpless medical system to its brink.

Stay on the road of well-being with Biestmilch.


I hear a lot of talk about studies, which always implies data. How can we trust, how can we assess data when we have to rely on sources we don’t know. Data give the impression of being objective and scientific.

Well, in my opinion, if you are not familiar with the methodology, how the data has been achieved, there is no reason to trust its interpretation and narrative the results are embedded in.

Many of us are talking about studies and don’t even know what a study is, how a rationale, a hypothesis is properly outlined – the very beginning of each study, be it double-blind, observational, epidemiologic etc.. A protocol is conducted, the statistics applied, but which model is used? Questions over questions pile up. Transparancy is required, but obfuscation is the mainroad scientists stroll along. The result is bad science or pseudoscience. How can we ever judge the quality of data if we have no access to the sources?

No watch in the world can replace your body awareness.
Balance system Earth, a subsystem entangled in Universe.

The earth is an old entity, all sorts of life inhabit her since millions of years. The oldest of our species date back between 1.9 to 2.5 million years. Why are we not extinct until today, while micororganisms and particles such as viruses are with us ever since?
Think about it! There is no reason to fear them, on the contrary, maybe you start to think about respecting them firstly and then maybe start to love them.

And at the very end you may even recognise the value of Biestmilch/colostrum for your well-being.

Remark: I am tired to sing the same song now for more than 25 years. Maybe I am not enough a good singer to be able to convince you of the power of Biestmilch.

I have countless kilometers in my legs fo Biestmilch.


Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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