I invite you now to come with me on a journey to discover inflammation and its significance to human health and sickness. Once this landscape is familiar to you, the pathway to treatment will seem logical, although it is not always an easy route to follow, since it requires the willingness to leave old habits behind.

For me, working with Biestmilch was the only path to enlightenment. Understanding why and how Biestmilch provides so many different benefits taught me to see inflammation quite differently from all those years during my time in clinical practice.


I had to ask myself the question of why and how Biestmilch improves performance and why and how it relieves allergies or stabilises the immune system of tumour patients. And there is so much more to discover about why and how it combines the benefits of both prevention and treatment. More than fifteen years of extensive reading and thinking eventually led me to my current view of inflammation.



Biestmilch is the German word for colostrum, also called first milk. The word Biestmilch has Indo-Germanic roots and relates to belly and breast. It is an old natural remedy which was highly valued by our ancestors

From the beginning, I want to pick up the Biestmilch thread that is woven right through this book.


Like any foodstuff, Biestmilch is complex in composition and consists of a host of bioactive molecules. It is not a food supplement that was developed in the laboratory. It is the food that provides the first essential mouthful of life and is vital to survival. Biestmilch is extremely nutritious and gives a new-born everything it needs for a healthy start to life. It is the first food we ever come in contact with and it kick-starts the functioning of all our organs and bodily systems: our metabolism, immune system, nervous system, motor functions, blood vessels and so on.


Irrespective of age, weight and physical size, Biestmilch modulates inflammation within the body, by activating or suppressing it, thus having an extremely positive effect on our stress system. Biestmilch works by modulating the inflammatory environment surrounding the cells. Biestmilch is not about replacing a certain quantity of X by the same quantity of Y, which is the reason why the amount taken does not depend on body weight but on physical activity.


Experience has proven that when Biestmilch is taken regularly, the body becomes more robust over time. Asthma and allergies lessen, the well-being of tumour patients improves, viral infections are less common and the symptoms of autoimmune diseases fade. In other words, it changes the progression of chronic inflammation and disease.

Biestmilch increases resilience