The BIESTMILCH territory is where science, health, nutrition and sports merge to one powerful narrative of lifestyle. 

I am your story teller. Biestmilch is my soul, Biestmilch is my baby. And I am one of the founders of the company.

May I quote Hans Rosling at this point. He says, "our view on the world is wrong. It's the relationships that matter" This is exactly how I look at things and at Biestmilch in specific. The whole Biestmilch universe is about looking at the world differently, stripping off conventions, turning old views up-side down to give them new glamour.

If you want to change your way of thinking, you have to open your mind. The quote by Bruce Lee reflects what one has to do breaking off to other shores:




Our experience since our foundation in 1999 taught us that BIESTMILCH is a potent modulator of inflammatory states. 

At the same time as we found out more and more about the modes of action of Biestmilch the basic science discovered that inflammatory processes are underlying all illnesses we know until today. Inflammations are very pronounced in those diseases wealthy societies in 21st century are suffering from (allergies, tumor, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome etc.). 


This implies that Biestmilch as a truly holistic substance is meant for all of us, be it therapeutic, prophylactic or preventive. After several years of working in the market of naturopathy – in parallel we have already been actively involved in endurance sports such as marathon and triathlon – we decided to focus on endurance sports only as the sport is developing more and more into a therapeutic measure, and, ebing a melting pot of all kind of chronic illnesses, be they physical or mental.

All workout is connected with inflammation and all performance is connected with a smoothly running stress system most visible through the property of immunity. Due to its extraordinary potency Biestmilch has a right of its own in this market.

We do not focus preferably on therapists as agents. The reasons are such: Biestmilch is food. Health claims are prohibited. The customer has to pay for it as it is not reimbursed by health insurances. Our logic is that we should care of our customer and not pay therapists for recommending Biestmilch.

Under these conditions endurance athletes seem a suitable global community for our product line. We can work on the social media to reach our customers worldwide, and apply our multimedia expertise. As a company with very limited resources this is the most flexible and economically feasible approach to market the product, and nevertheless make a difference, from an intellectual and emotional viewpoint.


As a small business there are some essential economic constraints that gear our marketing.


Starting to market a product mostly unknown to the marketplace asks for a branding. Branding the way we see it is the process of creating not only awareness but very important credibility and a sense for quality, all the three not to be taken for granted in a virgin market segment. For us yet another essential feature of the process of branding is authenticity. Authentic communication is the soil on which a brand can grow. Whether a brand evolves and is recognized as such is not within our control, but determined by the dynamics of the marketplace.

Nevertheless our aim was right from the beginning to create a brand. The logo and the term Biestmilch guaranteed a high recognition value. We knew that our limited resources demanded this high recognition value.

Until today we try to be trend setters in our niche market triathlon to receive the attention needed to be remembered and get our products to our customer. In this market segment we are perceived the market leader. This is nicely documented by our copycats in Germany and Switzerland.

Branding does not appear out of th blue. It is a permanent struggle beyond your control. 

We have to communicate upfront biology, the biology that distances itself from the mechanistic view of the world

To make a difference in the understanding of well-being (health) and illness and thus prepare the soil for the broad-scale use and sale of Biestmilch following our conviction that everybody is our customer. The path to achieve this goal is woven of threads of discourses, deep, profound, intertwined, permanently crossing the border of the familiar and known and as a longterm consequence from the taxonomy of the Western diagnoses. In this soil BIESTMILCH can thrive as a truly holistic agent.

You have to be ready to change your perspective at any time.


You have unresolved questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us. 


If you suffer from a chronic illness for example, we can only profoundly reply to your concerns in writing to you personally. Send us your questions and benefit from our 15 years of experience and expertise. Only then you may discover the whole range of benefits an intake of BIESTMILCH can offer you.