This statement we was not made by us, that would be arrogant. It was dear Owen Martin, I allow myself to quote here. He discovered the BIEST BOOSTER for himself eight year ago. Since then, he did not let it go anymore.



Our first BIEST BOOSTER Experiment we launched in 2011. It served the purpose to confirm our assumption that the BIEST BOOSTER can make the difference many athletes are looking for. The feedback we got back then was overwhelming. After all these years we plan to launch another "BIEST BOOSTER Experience" project.


4000 Milligrams compared to
300 Milligrams in one capsule and 900 Milligrams in one chewable tablet 


The BIEST BOOSTER is a special product, you won't believe it, world-wide unique. It contains a bigger amount of Biestmilch/colostrum compared to the capsules and chewable tablets in our product portfolio. And it comes with 500 Milligrams of Guarana - a natural coffein extract. This amount equals round about one cup of filter coffee.

The amount chosen refers to the double-blind study we performed in the beginning of 2000. We wanted to find out which amount takes effect, and whether there is a difference between these amounts. Our experience over all these years taught us that there are conditions responding to low amounts others need a bigger amount. Beside the fact that we are all individuals reacting differently.



Take the chance and participate in it and discover "the magic of the BIEST BOOSTER" yourself.


Owen Martin, triathlete, loyal customer and authentic brand ambassador since many many years, called it his magic recipe for the race. For him the BIESTMILCH chewable tablets and the BIEST BOOSTER have been a life changer, and not only for him, for me and many others too.


BIESTMILCH is defined as food. The immune system loves Biestmilch/colostrum. Both work together in harmony. Add it to your daily diet and your wellbeing will smile ;-) ...

Follow this link, if you want to participate and make your very own experience. 

You will receive five BIEST BOOSTERS for free. 100 packages are available for free. 
The package includes a form for you to fill out and it gives you some guidelines, when it makes sense to take a BOOSTER. The form is also available online.

Please, share our experience with us. You help us and others with your voice.


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