Mental Strength – Ronnie Schildknecht trying to draw a line through a blurry subject

Ronnie chose this topic himself. It’s interesting to hear how the course of time changed the importance he attributed to the mental aspects of the sport. As a youngster one doesn’t care, it seems. One sees mental more as belonging to psychiatry than to sports. 02ronnie STILLs01Only later on in life we realize that the mental strength is as important as the physical fitness. Then you have to work on what mental means to you. For Ronnie it’s a lot about staying in the flow and in balance. Reflecting and analyzing too much can be counterproductive and shouldn’t be misinterpreted as being focused and concentrated. Not an easy thing to achieve, it needs lots of experience.
Being unencumbered – in many ways a privilege of the youth – is probably the reason why we are successful during a certain period of life when we are not bothered by self- doubts and stressed be expectations.

Enjoy listening to Ronnie. We hope you can take something out of it for yourself.



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Evaluation of the body perception survey

Did you know …, that positive training results are inevitably connected with inflammatory processes and their successful healing?

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