Bikes in town, how weird…

70.3 IRONMAN Bahrain 2015
As you might know from my previous Bahrain blog post, we missed the swim start and didn’t miss it. We had been up too long the night before and decided not to go there due to s slight hangover. After the race we found out that the swim had got canceled. So we didn’t miss anything, how wonderful not be bothered by some bad conscience 😉
Our plan was to reach the bike course at a crossing where you could see how special it is to be a cyclist in Bahrain. Luckily we succeeded to hit such a point, not so easy, if you are not familiar with the area.
What you can see in this video is exactly how bizarre it still is on this Island to do an outdoor sport. Cyclists are embedded into heavy traffic, pedestrians cross the bike course, so do foreign workers with their old bikes – they can’t afford cars – and they all simply don’t care about sport. They seem to ignore, to be inert towards the ongoing race.
But have a look yourself.


It is still a long way to go for HRH Sheikh Nasser to implant endurance sports in the local population of Bahrain. But the beginning is made. We saw already quite some Bahrainis racing.



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