BIESTMILCH is my life and it changed my view on life

The turn of the years is usually the time for past recaps and for layouting some guidelines for the near future. People who think they got something to say do this in public, we normal people do it at home for ourselves or among family members and friends.

Today, at the very beginning of 2018, I want to join the choir of public voices too.

My name is Susann Kraeftner. I am a medical doctor, 62 years old, and looking back on a hell of a lot of experiences. The last 18 years BIESTMILCH – colostrum – was my passion, my field of research, and the matter of a self-experiment.

I would like to share my very own experiences with you. Maybe you feel inspired to venture out on this path as well.

From the outside I may appear delusional, and perhaps I am, to have chosen BIESTMILCH as the focus of my entrepreneurial activities. To become an entrepreneur without any backing, with limited resources, with a virgin market spreading out in front of me needed a vision that is so strong to survive the countless kicks in the teeth you receive.
To grasp BIESTMILCH I had to discover the network theory, complexity science and natural sciences outside the textbooks, natural sciences where they were still part of the currents of the stream of knowledge, not frozen facts yet, where the Pandora box is still open and so you are able to trace the making of a specific fact.
Let‘s say I had started to reorganize all my knowledge that I had through reading and experience.talking_8891

Looking at the known differently makes it different.
I began to see the body as a huge highly interactive communication system made up of myriads of feedback loops and circuits, regulatory system that talks only one language.
The system split-up science undertook to tame the complexity is artificial but useful. To discriminate between hardwired parts and soft-wired soluble elements, between the central and the peripheral nervous system, the innate and the acquired immune system as main regulatory components of the body makes sense, but in the end we have to recombine the fragments and look at the whole.

BIESTMILCH taught me important lessons
I had to learn through all these years working with Biestmilch to recombine the fragments of my knowledge, I had to and I still have to have the courage to speculate and trust my own intellectual abilities, a process of learning, asking questions and finding answers that never ends. Biestmilch is so complex, it never allows you to be laid-back.
Biestmilch owns the power to treat and prevent. I see Biestmilch exactly at the intersection point of well-being and illness, there it‘s a stronghold of balance.
The strength that Biestmilch has such a broad spectrum of effects in healthy and sick people is its greatest weakness at the same time. Biestmilch is efficacious in allergies, tumors, inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic pain syndrome, genetic diseases, infections, autoimmune diseases, the list seems sheer endless. It is also of great value in sports, it stabilizes performance, and improves recovery. How should you comprehend, and not consider us as charlatans?

Its core of action is inflammation
You are probably used to the view, some may consider it as a fact, that inflammations are present in cases of disease such as infections or chronic non-communicable diseases (atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes-type-2, multiple sclerosis, bowel diseases etc.). Since very recent, scientific data talk a different language. Inflammation is a systemic condition of the healthy body, that, if controlled and contained, is a precondition for well-being. It is a process that guarantees the organism‘s integrity. Inflammation control and modulation is at the core of BIESTMILCH’s actions.


My BIESTMILCH self-experiment
“Don‘t talk about things you did not experience yourself”, this is and was my motto since I was a young girl.

In 2000 when my BIESTMILCH history started, I was reluctant to take it. I saw myself as robust, as strong and so BIESTMILCH was not for me but for sick people. Prevention was not my piece of cake back then. Only when I tried out its effect on my running performance (I am an endurance runner since 1992) I realized that there is something happening I couldn’t explain to myself.

This I call my initiation and the beginning of my self-experiment. I started taking it on a regular basis.
I did breaks and I felt that something was missing, my mood changed, my motivation was less. So I picked up my regimen again. I had no idea why this was the case. Today I know 😉 …

When I felt a common cold or a flu developing in my body, I increased the amount and felt that the symptoms such as fever, joint pain, lassitude, fatigue declining. The illness was less pronounced and lasted a shorter period of time. My immunity became more robust over time, I became more stress resilient – a certain feeling of invincibility overcame me, I feel so secure with BIESTMILCH.
I am traveling a lot, I am exposed to many stress factors and to many people with various health issues. I cannot remember to have been seriously sick.
My life is still very stressful. Due to that I developed a Herpes Virus infection. BIESTMILCH helps me to control the infection and if I suffer form a breakthrough, because I am not invincible, the course of the illness is painless and low-key.

I am convinced that BIESTMILCH influences the way I am aging, it saved me from developing awkward symptoms during menopause and I can still manage the huge workload my job brings along.

I changed my lifestyle, integrated BIESTMILCH into my daily diet and finally believe in prevention.

If I could inspire you, please contact me personally:



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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