Triathlon can be a dangerous game

 IRONMAN World Championship, Hawaii 2017

Last year Kona was my 13th time on the Big Island. I needed another perspective on the race. After so many years your camera eye fatigues and the images turn pale and resemble each other. Maybe, you think that this can’t be at such an outstanding event on such a wonderful Island.
Sorry, but it can, I have to say this, even if it sounds spoiled, what I truly am.
Since years the Queen K Highway is a construction site. This makes the training and the race dangerous. Without engaged policemen safety won’t be guaranteed. I observed them closely during last year’s race at the crossing to the Airport. If these guys had not been focused all the time, a huge crash could have been the result.
We are railing a lot at the police. Sometimes a second thought may be needed to appreciate their work. Unfortunately, human societies are not good in self-organizing.

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IRONMAN HAWAII: Watching the race the 13th time

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