Heat stroke: A problem of physiology, not fluid or environment

This post refers back to the one from yesterday that outlines the scientific approach to proove a cause by a »post-hoc assumption of a cause-effect relation«. Conclusions drawn like this are fairly arbitrary and result in data that drift and seem incorrect as soon as the standpoint of observation changes.
Under whatsoever extreme environmental conditions heat stroke is a rare event that funnily enough occurs under conditions that would never let us assume it to happen. The proof of concept is easily performed by a mathematical equation that should not be applied to real life, to real persons, because of its over-simplification.
But mathematics clearly shows that heat loss even in extreme situations like hot temperature over 35°C, no wind, high humidity, bright sunshine and low running efficiency exceeds heat storage.

The example:

Theoretically this runner cannot experience a heat stroke, no, he is even able to evaporate more heat. To keep his body temperature exactly the same, he would have to evaporate 1.5 L of sweat per hour. The calculation also reveals that it would be possible for him to evaporate 1.6 L of sweat per hour. This means that he has no problem loosing the heat he produces, and should not develop heatstroke

But the story of real life turns out to be completely different:
This runner, running in these conditions, was pulled out of the race after only 16 minutes, with a rectal temperature of 40.8°C!
Therefore, despite the fact that there were no limitations in the environment, and the fact that he COULD have lost all the heat he produced, he failed. And the result was that he developed heat stroke after less than 4km of running!

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