Biest Athletes share their experience with Biestmilch in allergies and asthma

AL-R-GIE-Biestmilch-IslandMeike and Edith suffer from asthma. Andi has got severe hay fever. All of them benefit from Biestmilch giving them more control over the annoying allergic symptoms, symptoms that are a tremendous handicap for athletes. The medication available usually makes tired and the systemic use cortisone is not a healthy option either.

Biestmilch is all natural and approaches the problem where it starts,  at the regulatory disorder of the immune system.


» I suffer from asthma since childhood. Biestmilch helped me to get away from the cortisone« .

Since I am a child I am suffering from Asthma. It developed out of a chronic bronchitis and and hay fever. The hay fever became worse over the years and the asthma symptoms connected with it too. Unfortunately, my lungs are in a permanent state of chronic obstruction. This phenomenon can also be observed when there now pollen around.Biestmilch_Allergy-_#6C23BC
As an athlete I am probably more sensitive and more depending on a sufficient respiratory volume to retrieve my performance. Therefore I had to take cortisone and salbutamol spray. Biestmilch made it possible for me to reduce the cortisone dosage conspicuously. This is I think due to the fact that my allergy became a lot better under the Biestmilch intake.
Since I take Biestmilch I don’t have any skin rashes anymore , no swollen eyes, I am not short with breath anymore. The asthma symptoms during exercise are much better, only in the morning when waking up I feel slight shortage breath.

My immune system is much more stable now and stress resistance too. Therefore my asthma symptoms are quite under control.
For the time being I take two chewy tablets a day and BIEST BOOSTER if my workload increases. I always have an emergency BIEST BOOSTER in my pocket. If I feel a bout of allergy building up I quickly take a BOOSTER. It mostly helps several hours.

Reported by Meike Krebs, triathlete


»I suffer from asthma since 2006 after having gone through not only one blow of fate. Biestmilch rebalanced my shattered immunity«

In 2006 after some serious sad and stressful incidents in my family, my grandmother died, my father got diagnosed with a tumor, I suddenly developed symptoms of exercise-induced asthma. There was obviously no allergic history involved. Even though the phenomena are very similar, if not the same. During the upcoming months several episodes of asthma occurred during my training, especially then when the weather was cold and humid. I had to take a cortisone spray of which it needed quite some experimenting until I had found the right dosage.Biestmilch_Allergies#6C236C
Since 2009 since I take Biestmilch on a regular basis I slowly started to taper the spray. As I felt much stronger and more stable I dared to do so, and you won’t believe it no bouts of asthma occurred.
Normally I take one to two chewy tablets per day. Under special conditions such as training camps, around racing or during the winter months when the flu is spreading I increase the amount up to five chewable a day.
Twice a year my lung capacity gets checked. The asthma is still there, but the symptoms are well controlled now. I think Biestmilch definitely helps me to control the chronic state of inflammation in my lungs.

Reported by Edith Niederfriniger


Biestmilch_Allergies#6C237A»Since I know the BIEST BOOSTER and found out that it helps me controlling my hay fever, it’s always by my side«

My experience during the last one and a half years has taught me that the BIEST BOOSTER helps a lot better than tablets, sprays and eye drops that one can buy in the pharmacy. In the morning immediately after getting up I take one. Like this I can control the symptoms of my pollen allergy very well. In the afternoon I take another half of the BIEST BOOSTER for readjusting my immune state. If I know that a really hard training day lies ahead of me, then I keep a spare BOOSTER under my pillow while I’m sleeping.
If I have problems with my hay fever then it’s mainly during the night, because when taking a BIEST BOOSTER too late, I cannot sleep too well. That does not apply to everybody. Some allergic people can take a BIEST BOOSTER during the night and sleep anyway. It’s essential to know that the allergy per se makes tired.

Reported by Andi Boecherer


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Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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  1. Biestmilch ist Kolostralmilch, auch Erstmilch genannt. Sie eignet sich hervorragend dazu, die Immunität zu stärken und kann auch vorbeugend eingesetzt werden. Bei Allergien beruhigt sie das übersensible Immunsystem.
    Beste Grüße, Susann

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