Fishermen’s wharf of Manama: amazing coexistence of species within colorful makeshifts

It was the end of a long day on the road when we finally had reached our last destination, the shacks of the fishermen which are facing the fancy skyline of Manama, a bizarre scenery. The fishermen are mainly belonging to the Shiite Moslem population.
I always feel a bit strange as a foreigner intruding a place so poor, voyeuristic in somehow. But it was all different. We parked the car. I grabbed the camera and within minutes I forgot my reservations. I just immersed in the soothing evening light, in the smiles of kindness and the openness of all living creatures in this small spot. It was amazing and almost don’t dare to say it. This poverty had a radiation of beauty and peacefulness.
I hope that this video is expressing my emotions and reflects my view on the world for you.

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Gas & Oil or the fractured desert – a video essay

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