Allergy season is in full swing – consider Biestmilch as a treatment option!

Allergy season is in full swing – consider Biestmilch as a treatment option!


The food allergy is frequently the beginning of the long march of the allergy

Even if a food allergy frequently disappears with age, it is unfortunately far too often the beginning of a chronic illness that is characterized by the immune system reacting to various triggers (allergens) mainly with acute inflammation symptoms (eyes, conjunctivitis, runny nose, inflamed nasal mucosa etc.).


The long march clearly indicates that the allergy was not caused by allergens but by the immune system itself revealing dysfunctions or problems with dealing with the environment, which become particularly noticeable when we come into contact with the triggers (allergens) through the skin or mucous membranes.

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If one analyses the path of the allergy, how it continues almost in accordance to law, then it really looks like the allergy distributes or relocates itself from a center, namely the bowel, into the periphery. The bowel is the first organ at birth that is massively confronted with the environment, not only through food but also through a large number of germs and particles of all kinds.

The immune system starts to mature in the bowel, where the first borders of the individual to the outside world develop. There, a balance between activating and restraining immune processes should develop. In the first weeks and months of life, this balance is produced by breast feeding, lactic acid bacteria and bacteria from the ground from the food that slowly replaces breast milk, but also by cat hairs and house dust or infections suffered from.

In a nutshell, that means:
Right from the beginning of our life, and at exactly the right point in time of our development, we have to encounter those substances that should become part of our organism. If this doesn’t happen, we can become allergy-sufferers. Thus, the allergy describes a changed condition of activity of our immune system, thus an immune regulation disorder and not a disorder caused by allergens. If one considers the allergy as a disorder of the immune system, then one will not be surprised about it being able to spread out to other organs at any time. Which of these processes can go wrong in detail in the first weeks of life is something we know very little of today. Unfortunately, it is difficult to correct this later on in life, if at all. If one suffers from an allergy, then increased strains on the immunity can stimulate the allergy.

Treat allergies with Biestmilch and stabilize the immune system

Conventional methods of treatment are antihistamines, cromoglycin or desensitization. All 3 therapeutic strategies start with the allergens and not the unsound immune system. Biestmilch is different. Biestmilch modulates your immune system, influences the unsound regulation and can stabilize the immune system.rebalance
Biestmilch is a foodstuff and is perfectly suitable to abate allergic symptoms or make them disappear. Besides its modulating effects on the immune system, Biestmilch is also anti-inflammatory.

It doesn’t matter what allergies you suffer from and what causes are behind them, you are always afflicted by the same type of symptoms:
• Hay fever
• Conjunctivitis
• Asthma
• Eczema
• Digestives disorders


You should take Biestmilch every day. Integrate it into your daily diet. Don‘t stop taking it.

1. Those with a pollen allergy
If you don’t have any symptoms yet, then start off with 900 mg a day and do that for about 3 to 4 weeks before your allergens become active. If the pollen count is particularly high or if you are under particularly great amounts of stress, the symptoms can emerge. In such a case, increase the dosage by 3- to 4-times the amount. After the symptoms have disappeared again, go back to the original amount. Do that until the season of your pollen has passed. You can also sniff Biestmilch powder when your hay fever is particularly bad.

2. Those with a food allergy
Irrespective of the allergens causing the food allergy, take 900 mg of Biestmilch on a regular basis. Usually things have calmed down after about 6 weeks. If you have a food allergy with proven positive immunoglobulin (IgE), the effects can be easily observed in the decrease in the IgE. After 6 weeks, you can carefully try out whether you can eat what you weren’t able to eat beforehand. Wait 4 days after the first test and then repeat the whole thing again with a larger amount.

3. Those with a contact allergy
If you suffer from allergic skin reactions, then your skin reflects the improvement or worsening fast. Start taking Biestmilch slowly (150-300 mg). Increase the dosage step by step until the skin reacts. The result can be a worsening in the form of a healing reaction. Be patient and stay on the ball.

The BOOSTER with its 4 grams of Biestmilch, is exactly what you need, if the allergy symptoms deteriorate. Allergies go along with fatigue. Biestmilch and guarana work in synergy, and improve your energy level. Biestmilch itself is energizing, the feeling of having more energy available is not only due to the guarana.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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