Experiences with Biestmilch: testimonials of our Biest athletes

We are currently collecting our athletes’ experiences with Biestmilch. There are more about to come. It’s allergy season now, and Biestmilch is a serious treatment option, if you suffer from allergies. I wrote a short paragraph on our pulp research blog that might interest you. There are so many allergy victims out there that we thought it makes sense now to remind you of Biestmilch as an anti-allergic agent …

Andi Boecherer

I am taking Biestmilch since the beginning of 2012.
My weakness has always been coming back from a winter training camp in the sun to the snowy and cold Germany. During the preparation for 2011 I caught a cold every single time of the three times I have returned home. By increasing my daily Biestmilch intake up to 8 grams the first 5 days I managed to stay healthy the whole winter. That means a huge benefit in training and comfort in daily live to me.

Furthermore I always needed a lot of sleep during periods of training (9hrs approx). Only in the off-season my need for sleep decreases to a normal level (7hrs approx). Now I am fine with about 7.5 hours of sleep and I feel so much better. It is great for my training and great for my normal life.

I do have serious hay fever in spring / early summer, which I can control on normal days with Biestmilch only. When I am really tired from a huge or intensive session I can´t control it with Biestmilch, so I have to take my normal medication additionally. But I was able to reduce it to 50% of the amount I have been takinkg before I used Biestmilch regularly. So another huge benefit for me as any medication means stress for the body. I am very optimistic to handle all my allergies with Biestmilch only in the future.

Yvonne van Vlerken

I personally think the amount of stress that a person can handle is very individual. What maybe is a little challenge for one person, could be a major stress situation for somebody else. I definitely have a rather low stress limit and do feel my the body’ weaknesses almost right away. When I fall out of balance, I can “watch”my immune system breaking down almost immediately  during hours. Staying up until midnight, or having less than 7 hours sleep for my body already means stress.

The next day I am very low in energy and feel weak, every single experience as mentioned above, for  me means a higher amount of Biestmilch. During the last 4 years I have noticed that I gained a better control, I know much better when and how much Biestmilch I have to take in this kind of situations.

My feeling is that the intake of Biestmilch will get you better and more stable over the years, the  longer you have been taking it the more it’s working in you favor. It’s comparable with training effects. It takes time.
I have been tested as many others for lactose intolerance and was tested positive . I used to have major belly issues with milk products like milk which is very bad when your from the Netherland. After taking Biestmilch for almost 4 years now I can eat Yoghurt and cheese as I like. Because of my intolerance I got used to soy milk and got pretty fond of it, so I haven’t tried to drink pure milk. I do like to make my famous pancakes with half soy and half milk and don’t experience any problems with this.

I do feel more sensitive in periods of very hard training, for that reason I normally increase my Biestmilch intake. I take the capsules only, and add the chewy tablets at times with increased stress on the body e.g. during training or travel and in phases of mental stress. For me Biestmilch didn’t affect my sleeping pattern, my digestive system has more balance and stability now that’s for sure.

Bottom of the line, Biestmilch is just a great product that will help with many, many health issues, lucky me, I’m a very healthy person and am not troubled by many inconveniences, for me the product passed the test, it made me a even healthier person!

Edith Niederfriniger

In situations of high volume/intense training or big stress I note a general lack of energy, I feel like I could sleep the whole day (even if I sleep well during the night), I get dark circles around the eyes, looking almost sick, I’m also more hungry….so a status of general system breakdown!

I’m asthmatic, it’s a stress-induced asthma, not allergic. Therefore I can feel respiratory problems, mostly during the training sessions….this for me is a good indicator of having reached the limit, or better…to have overreached it!! I’m taking Biestmilch now for almost 3 years, regularly, and benefits are really good regarding a much more stable immune system…no more colds…before I got at least 2 colds or the flu during one year. When I can feel the first signs of this general breakdown, I optimize immediately the Biestmilch intake, I take 3 – 4x more than usual (usually around 1 gram/day, increasing the amount up to 4 – 5grams per day).

My asthma issues have become more stable too since I take the colostrum. I would say that it took me a few months to understand the right amount to take, now I feel confident with a small portion every day and increasing a lot when required. We have to listen carefully to the signs our body is sending and it works great, but this is also a learning process!

Wenke Kujala

I take Biestmilch in situations of stress and during training. For me life has changed quite a bit during the last year or two. Just two years ago I was diagnosted with skin cancer just in the beginning of the season, which made me think different of my body again. In that phase I started taking Biestmilch in a very high amountto help my body which was a great turn. I got better pretty quick and never really had to stop training for a long period.

Since my daughter was born my stress level is different. I get less sleep than I was used to but I get some rest during the day when I just hang on the floor and play with her. Still, to get the training done without catching a cold or a virus, I think is one of the most difficult things in an mom’s and athlete’s life. When I feel, that I feel really tired and the stress volume is high because paper work calls me every night into the office after a normal day of training and being a mom, than I usually take an extra Booster. Usually I am very fine with the chewy tablets. These I take 1 – 3 times a day, depending on how I feel. In good times, just one chewy tablet is is sufficient for me, I  feel it if I need more, then I take one 3 times a day.

The biggest difference I can tell, is that I am definitely not out of training anymore for 2 weeks or longer because of a virus infection. I recover much faster even if  I even catch a bug (which is maybe once or twice a year). When people around me are sick I don’t panic anymore. Before I took Biestmilch – if someone around me had a cold, I could bet on it to come down with something too, not so anymore!!! Great! I never had serious problems with injuries, just with my immune system! and this is just not comparable anymore to what it was 2 – 3 years ago! Definitely my condition is still getting better and that makes me so happy! Life is good when you are healthy and can do whatever you wanna do, not being stopped by any illness.

I can summarize: my stress level is less, since I know that my immune systems works properly and I can rely on it! Biestmilch made a huge turn in my life.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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