As time goes by … a piece of IRONMAN’s past

IRONMAN Frankfurt, 2008

Chris McCormack won this race. He crossed the finish line under 8 hours. Before he did it, the experts of triathlon said that this cannot be achieved in Frankfurt. Today the guys finish with around 7:50. The expression »you cannot« do whatsoever is definitely a stupid statement, because who knows how the future is going to surprise us.
Today’s winners are not receiving their trophies on the balcony of the Römer anymore. The trophy of the winner is not that big anymore. Lots of things have changed over the last years.
In 2008 Fritz and I had the honor to be on the balcony with Chris, with our camera, in a place where no media were allowed.

Yes, this was in 2008. Things have been less styled through. The degree of freedom and individualism have been greater. Today the rules and regulations of the cooperate IRONMAN dominate. Everything is less personal and more professional. It is the way it is, one may like it or not.



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