Liv Sumak – tennis is her life but not only!

Liv – so strong, so beautiful, so soft, she never gives up.
To give up cannot be a serious feature of a person on her path to a professional athlete.

Totally concentrated, graceful in action

Amazingly enough, these are features special talented characters often show. Liv is committed fully to her future career as a tennis player, a sport you will never succeed in, if you are not fully committed. Liv is.

The skill of serving needs lots of practice.

I got to know her in the camp of the Pho3nix foundation in September in Lausanne, where I had the honor to be a speaker on the topic of nutrition and peak performance. She was sitting beside me at the dinner table on the first evening. Some gut feeling in me told me she could the one for BIESTMILCH. Now Liv is on board and I am really happy about it!!

Now I let Liv speak about herself in her own words

My successes in the tennis worldWhen I was three years old I started to train gymnastics and when I was six I started to train and focus on tennis. My sponsors are Tecnifibre and Bidi Badu. Tecnifibre is my sponsor for tennis rackets, balls, strings… Bidi Badu is my sponsor for clothes.  I won the Youth sports games, 2 times national and 1 time international. I play ITF junior and senior tournaments. I started to play senior tournaments when I was 14 years old. On the national senior championships I was among the best eight players. I was 16 years old only. I play for Croatian tennis club Mladost and for club TK Branik when I play tournaments in Slovenia. Occasionally I train kids in my club in Croatia. 

Winning has to be part of the game.

My life beside the tennis court

I was attending primary school and music school for seven years. In music school I was playing piano. Now I’m in private sports gymnasium, PESG.  Besides playing tennis I really love skiing and sailing. Croatian national television made a documentary movie about me. Occasionally, I do commercials.When I was a little girl I was on runways. I love animals. Three cats, Koko, Lujo and Milo are sharing my home with me. They have been all orphans and are all my foster cats now.

Little Liv on the catwalk.

My parents are my biggest supporters. My dad accompanies me on tournaments and my mum knows a lot about visualization and helps me with developing my corporate. I’m trying my very best to make my parents proud. They invested a lot of money and time in me. I’m very grateful for that. My school is also of big support to me. When I’m playing there is only tennis in my head. I am almost obsessed by the thoughts of how I can become a better player than now or maybe the best player later.

Playing the piano, another challenge for the brain.

How I see my strengths 

I believe in myself. I am always confident that I can win a match and turn it around, even if the score is not yet in my favor.  I’m always trying not to give up. My motivation is that I know I can achieve big successes and I Have the abilities for that. When I was little me and my family were watching tennis on TV. I really liked it and I wanted to try it myself. I knew that if I’m planning to continue my tennis career it’s going to be very hard and difficult but I was and I am ready for that.

I hope BIESTMILCH becomes her passion as her cats are.

And here her first impressions about my passion BIESTMILCH: I used both of your products and I really like them. They help me a lot, especially during practices and matches. 

Thank you  Liv for your honest words!

She loves the open water. What could be better for recovery.


Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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