Elija Ziem: “Never give up”

Elija Ziem: “Never give up”


Here the English version of Elija’s story…

Elija is a 800 and 400 meters track runner. I met Elija at the Po3nix Camp in Lausanne. The camp was started by the Polish Pho3nix Foundation. 20 selected young athletes between 13 and 17 years from various sports from all over Europe were invited: athletics, table tennis, tennis, swimming, mountain biking, triathlon, wrestling, hurdles, speed climbing …

The aim of the camp was to bring young athletes closer to what it can mean to pursue a professional career. The topics ranged from self-promotion to questions about how to deal with injuries, setbacks, victory and defeat. The young athletes should be taught that to become a professional athlete means to walk a hard and joyful path. Dreams shouldn’t be shattered, but illusions should be relativized.

All my respect goes to the organizers around Renata Tularek, a team with passion and perfection. What made me very happy was that the girls were in control, a rare occurrence in the business world.

The group in Lausanne

I gave a short lecture on the biological basis and background of top performance. For each participant I had brought a package from our “BIEST BOOSTER Experience Project BBexP”.
The feedback on the positive effects of the BOOSTER is slowly trickling into our office now.

Elijah is the first athlete who contacted me and asked, if he could come on board. I didn’t hesitate and said yes immediately. Elijah has the power, the charisma and the experience to become a great one! He is the German champion U18 over 800m on the track.


Without my dad and not without my family, I won’t be where I am today. For years, they have been investing a lot of money and care in me, for equipment, in training camps, etc., thus enabling me to enjoy my sport and realize my passion.

I always give whatever it takes in the training and during the competitions and I try to give back something to my family. The best moments for me are: When I look into the proud eyes of my parents after a competition. That motivates me incredibly and also makes me very happy. Unfortunately, dad got seriously ill this year. That is why it was even more important for me to be successful this season in order to encourage him up and give him strength and joy.

My dad should see that he has a responsible son. When I became German champion over the 800m in Rostock, we both burst into tears. Actually, I’m not the type to cry and show my emotions that way. But at this unique moment, I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. It was such a great feeling to see my dad so proud.


As with almost every boy, my career began on the soccer field. I also played tennis. In my hometown Waren (Müritz) there are tennis courts, soccer fields and the athletics stadium on one campus. Thanks to a good friend, I started athletics in the 2nd grade. After primary school I switched to the sports high school in Neubrandenburg. I am living there since the 8th grade attending the boarding school. I was actively pursuing in all disciplines up to the 8th grade and was very successful in all-around competitions too.

Sometimes the days in an athlete’s life can be gray too.

Unfortunately, my still young sporting career is already marked by numerous injuries. Broken feet, torn tendons, lumbar vertebrae fracture (spondylolysis) etc., muscle fiber tears I don’t count any longer. The many injuries made it impossible for me to continue the all-around competition. I could no longer perform disciplines like the hurdles or long jump with the necessary power. As a result, I only had the option of switching to the sprint or the middle-distance run.

I decided to run because sprinting is, to be honest, just too boring for me. I really like the tactical discipline of the 800m. Nevertheless, I’m also a good sprinter, which often benefits me in the final sprint. Through my many injuries, I have learned to appreciate when one is healthy.

Pain and joy are sometimes very close together.

I’ve been hurt a lot, badly hurt. Many people dinn’t believe in me anymore, but I never gave up. I fought my way back again and again and I am now among the top German and Swiss runners over 400m and 800m. My father is German and my mother is Swiss. That’s why I have both citizenships.

The family is a great support in solitude in competition

After every win I say hi to my grandma in heaven. Unfortunately she died of cancer. But she was still able to experience the beginning of my career and gave me a lot on the way. Fortunately, my grandpa is still alive and is happy every time he can watch competitions. I told him that he had to hold out at least until Paris. I said the same thing to my grandmother on my father’s side. Both of them support me a lot and help me when things don’t go so well.

And now BIESTMILCH comes on board as a companion 🙂
Hopefully we won’t let you down 😉

My successes:
German champion U16 over 800m 2019
Swiss champion U16 over 600m 2019

Bronze at the DM over 400m U18 2020

German champion U18 over 800m in 2021
German runner-up U18 400m 2021
Swiss champion U18 over 400m 2021
Swiss U18 champions with the Olympic relay (800m-400m-200m-100m)
I ran the 800m

My goals:
Remaining nationally successful
Start internationally
Motivate other people and spread joy
To show people that you should hold on to your dreams and goals

…. 2024 Paris 🙂

Photos by Frank Benischke und Martin Burner



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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