Preventing diseases and achieving well-being and longevity

Countless times I have been asked whether Biestmilch does help in this or this or this condition… Yes, it may, I always use to say. But what is rarely a matter of people’s concern are preventive aspects. Unfortunately, we do not see any reason for changing anything in our way of living until a diagnosis such as a heart attack or cancer hits us. Then maybe we start reconsidering our lifestyle. At that point, reversing the disease is possible but a lot more difficult.
A hundred years ago, many people died from preventable infectious diseases because they had no cure. Today again, a majority of people die from preventable conditions like coronary heart disease, cancer, lung diseases or the complex disease of diabetes. Combined, they kill nearly 9 in 10 people. But this time it’s in our hands – at least in our societies – to do something about it, something that lies beyond the options medicine offers us.

we don't inherit longevity
we don’t inherit longevity

Researchers have estimated that 90 percent of us could live up to age 90 with some simple lifestyle choices. What’s more, we could live free of common diseases that make our final years miserable. Even if we have a family history of heart disease or cancer, most of our fate is in our control. A recent study suggests we do not “inherit” longevity and wellbeing as much as previously believed. Instead, the sum of our habits determines our life span. If we don’t inherit our life, if we decide upon it to a great extent ourselves, why then is our life not one of our major concerns?

How long we live is more about how we live our life and less about how long our parents lived

spices in all colors not only improve our mood but also delight our metabolism

A certain lifestyle which includes sleeping, eating and moving determines how we grow old and what diseases we are going to suffer
from. No matter how healthy we are today, regardless of our age, we can make better choices in the moment, we can take preventive measures. Small decisions— about how we eat, move, and sleep each day—count more than we think.
The quality of what we eat matters far more than the overall quantity. This is the primary finding from a landmark Harvard study that tracked more than 100,000 people for two decades. The researchers discovered that the types of foods we consume influence our health more than our total caloric intake. Quality of food matters even more than levels of physical activity.
But the body takes a long time to react to dietary changes, usually a year or more, according to experts. Instead of worrying about which diet fad to choose, we should accept that preventing is better than curing which means that the choices of the moment matter for how we age, how we feel and how we die in the end. In our Western societies we are lucky we got this choice, so why to spoil it!

act preventively and a life full of energy and delight will unfold
act preventively and a life full of energy and joy will unfold

As a rule of thumb: less is more! less sugars, less processed meat, less carbohydrates, less fat … How and what we ate during the last decades brought us to a great extent obesity, vessel diseases, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, cancer, lung diseases … they all have one common ground: the deterioration of the otherwise controlled inflammatory condition of our body (see below). They all could to a large extent be prevented. There is never a 100% in biology!

How inflammation may be to blame for some of the biggest killers – and the key to curing or preventing it

This is a headline from the new TIME Magazine Special. The magazine presents inflammation as the killer, and this is right and wrong in the same time. Inflammation is by far more than a killer, it is the survival strategy of the body, and well controlled a feature of well-being and longevity.

If we are feeling well, then the multiple systemic inflammatory processes within our body and along all mucosal linings – the frontiers to the outside – are well controlled and balanced. They don’t exceed the threshold beyond which we start feeling sick. Inflammations that surmount the clinical silent barrier induce the typical signs of illnesses such as fever, headache, joint pains, sore muscles, loss of appetite, fatigue, lack of motivation, sleep disturbances etc.
And now to cut a long story short, inflammation is first of all the territory of the immune system.

if metabolic regulation goes astray, then inflammatory processes turn into clinical symptoms
if metabolic regulation goes astray, then inflammatory processes turn into clinical symptoms

If the regulatory processes of the immune system are all in line then the illness will mainly be mild and disappear within days. The situation becomes detrimental if the inflammatory processes turn chronic. This is the case, if the causes cannot be eliminated by the system. Bad food, inactivity, environmental or other stress factors e.g. can on the long run be such irritations that finally lead to diabetes, obesity, vessel diseases etc. and even cancer. All these chronic diseases flourish on the soil of chronic inflammatory processes. This is why the TIME magazine calls inflammation the killer.
Eating, moving and sleeping, making the right choices for yourself everyday can tame this process and if not reverse the disease process at least slow it down. The three are also the path to aging without being miserable.

eating moving and sleeping may avoid getting rusty early in life
eating moving and sleeping may avoid getting rusty and miserable early in life

But once and for all we need inflammations for survival. Suppressing inflammatory processes and the immune system’s potential to initiate inflammations and appease them is deleterious. It leads to impaired wound healing or in the case of cancer to fatal infections and the spreading of metastases. It can bring about allergies and autoimmune diseases. It’s all about preserving the systems’ regulatory and modulatory capacities. Eradication is the wrong avenue to walk on, but the one mostly taken. This is the lesson we have to learn, and this is the lesson that Biestmilch taught me.

Act preventively before the dice is cast or profound changes take time

Biestmilch is definitely preventive due to its ability to modulate the inflammatory milieu of cells, and increase the robustness of the body’s balance. There are lots of studies giving evidence thereof. The best ones are the flu study, the NSAID study or the leaky gut study. But also the many people who take Biestmilch during the cold season to avoid the epidemics of virus infections that move over the globe every year give Biestmilch a strong voice.
Experience proves that if you take Biestmilch on a regular basis your body turns more and more robust over the years. Asthma gets better, allergies subside, cancer activity calms down, virus infections become a rare phenomenon, symptoms of autoimmune diseases improve, relapses get less and overall it changes the course of the chronic disease. After all Biestmilch turns into a powerful preventive agent. Taking it over years makes you suddenly realize that you rarely have been ill.

fruits add the colors to your day
fruits add the colors to your day

You personally will never know what would have happened if you didn’t take a specific decision in your life, because all future is and will always be uncertain. But the thousands of examples you can read about or observe yourself give you proof that acting preventive changes the way you live and age.
To summarize, prevention stands for a mindset not for a single act once in a while, a process over years. Until we feel the difference in our bodily composition, in the stability and increased balance of our immunity and our stress behavior may take years.

a good night's sleep is inevitable for wellbeing
a good day’s sleep is inevitable for wellbeing

When we are young the body excuses a lot of small and big mistakes. His potential to recover and regenerate is huge. Even though there is a limit to what a body can endure in young age too. We can easily observe that in all the obese, diabetic and hypertensive kids in our society. To put the reverse gear in place is always possible, but the older you get the slower the reverse process, the more the regeneration abilities of the body decline.



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