Interview with two true Hawaiians right on top of Mauna Kea

This video interview nicely completes our encounter with the Hawaiian people, who were expressing – silently protesting – their claim for the land of their ancestors on the Mauna Kea yesterday.

Sheldon Kahoopii and Albert Kahoopii talk about the feelings for their land, about their ancestors who are part this sacred place since many generations. Their bloodlines are engraved into this mountains. It’s their land, nobody else, they say, can lay a claim on it. 

Herwig with Sheldon & Albert

The new observatory is a clear intrusion into the property of their people.
Listen to these two men, wise words are coming from their lips. They express such a tolerant and open view on the world. No doubt, we can learn something from them.



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Mauna Kea: Encounter with the indigenous people of Hawaii

Walking on the Mauna Kea’s summit on the Humu’ula foot trail

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