Welcome to a traditional Palestinian wedding
Currently triathlon seems to be booming in the Middle East. Races pop out like mushrooms in autumn. Strange situation, as in the same time we experience an extremely delicate political situation when it comes to our relation with the Islamic people and their religion.
It is very difficult for us bystanders to assess what is really going on under the blanket of the hearsay mainly transmitted by media agencies and pronounced in the countless speeches of politicians worldwide.
I thought that it is the right time to let our own hands on experience talk. In case you travel to the Middle East for a triathlon competition I wish you to be open for the people and know a bit more than the news tell you.

In 2014 when Herwig and I were at the Abu Dhabi triathlon we recored the wedding you can see in the video. We were able to film without any problems, we were even invited to the party after the ceremony. I would have loved to dance with them the whole night. Only our sense of duty made us refrain from the celebration. Maybe a mistake. But we had to get up early. Unfortunately, there was this triathlon race in the early morning next day 😉 …


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Special vibrations & special guests, IRONMAN Hawaii 2014

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