Special vibrations & special guests, IRONMAN Hawaii 2014
Since 2 years we rent this wonderful house at the Mamalahoa Highway in the area of Holualoa village, away from Kailua-Kona where the cruise ships regularly spit out there loads and tourists have taken over control at least at the time in October when we are there.
The house is spacious and embedded in the flourishing and exuberantly growing landscape of Hawaiian plants. We fell in love with the place and so do our guest. 
The place is made for hospitality. Those who have been once invited to our house return back. It carries us and also our guest for the time they are there away from the stressful vibration in downtown Kona.
Beside the house our Chef de Cuisine Kjell who became already famous for his delicious cooking make our place a welcome refuge for strained souls.
The video of our every year recurring dinner gives you an impression of how relaxed the atmosphere was up there above the Pacific ocean. Our traditional dinner took place before Sebastian won the IRONMAN world championships and before Siri and Bek got married, and in the midst of the busy life that journalists have during the days before this big triathlon competition.

Our guests were: now triathlon world champion Sebastian Kienle, the world champion coaches Siri Lindley and Lubos Bilek, Rebekah Keat, Yvonne van Vlerken and her love Per Bittner, Sam Gydé, Rachel Joyce and the crew of the German triathlon magazine


Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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