Our heroes 2015: Andi Boecherer and Sebastian Kienle (alphabetical order!)

2015 up to now was a great year for BIESTMILCH. So many podiums we never had before. Sebastian Kienle and Andi Boecherer, we were able to follow them closely during the season. Unfortunately, not so Yvonne van Vlerken and Ronnie Schildknecht, who have been equally successful.
Except Yvonne all of them headed already in direction Kona. This year’s IRONMAN® world championship will be very special for us: 3 excellent boys in the race and BIESTMILCH, an official partner of IRONMAN® in Kona. Maybe we celebrate a big party at the end of the year, at least I do hope so. It would be well deserved.

The video clip is a pot-pourri of past season and will be our ad for this year’s Kona live stream. Hopefully the live stream will be as good as our video 😉 … cheers!



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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