The Mask Masquerade in times of COVID19

Introduction statement for orientation. »I am against the wearing of masks. There are only few exceptions.
1. in the operating theater
2. in patients under immunosuppressant treatment
3. in an aircraft where the AC is a perfect particle mixer«

Now I want to tell you my story from yesterday evening. Since the lockdown in Austria on March 19, 2020 it was the first evening out and about. My good and loyal friend Arne invited me for dinner. It was the second day that restaurants were allowed to open their doors.

I hate to wear masks. I avoid it as good as I can. So we took the car to the restaurant R57, Melia located in the DC Tower in Vienna Donau City, only a stone’s throw away from the United Nations Building.

Life is upside down, so is the highest building in Vienna.


United Nations from above. Currently we ar a lot farer from being united.

All parking garages have been closed, sheer emptiness, unbelievable. So we dropped the car illegally beside a charging station for e-cars.
To reach the restaurant on 57th floor you have to pass through the reception of the hotel. Accordingly, being a good girl, I put on my buff (I have it since 2001 where I bought it at the Hamburg marathon expo) which I use as a »mask« if I have to.

First act of the masquerade: Rules for entering the hotel lobby
The girl at the reception was sitting behind a plexiglass screen like our politicians when they appear on television to deliver new rules of behavior to us. She was smiling. I said hello and asked her, if she minded me taking of the cover. No problem, she said. The first act of the masquerade I had happily survived.

Second act of the masquerade: Rules for the elevator
Then we had to get into the elevator up to 57th floor, of course, nobody else was in there. The maximum of persons allowed is four, in each corner one. On the floor the area is marked exactly where you have to stand, if you are not living in the same household.

Fun and joy killed by rules and regulations.


Can anybody give me an answer. What is the logic behind the masks for staff?

Third act of the masquerade: Rules for the behavior in the restaurant
Exiting the elevator we were received by the restaurant manager. I had put my buff on again as I knew the rules vaguely already.
His instructions were as follows: You have to were the mask until you have reached your table. Then you can take them off, while the whole service staff has to permanently wear masks. The logic is thrilling, isn’t it? Another funny phenomenon that really struck me was that the day before yesterday you had wear a mask going to the toilet. That was not the case anymore yesterday.

New guests entered with there masks on. I was moving around without mask taking photos. Nobody cared.

Rules and regulations cannot destroy the beauty of the view.

Fourth act of the masquerade: The disinfectant rules for the staff
Tables and furniture is disinfected after each single use (welcome to all bacteria, bacterial resistance will spread in restaurants similar to hospitals). Salt, pepper and oil containers are not allowed on tables. Textiles on tables are forbidden. The manager showed me the protocol he has to fill out to assure everything is executed according to the rules. Misfits are fined with Euro 30.000.
To cut a long story short whatsoever we touched in this place has to undergo disinfection with a certified spray.

No rules for our behavior in the toilets!! Amazing…

Okay, at the end of the dinner, we had a good laugh with the waitress, honestly mine was more one of despair than fun.

Back home I exploded, I was done and I had to smoke a cigarette, I don’t smoke anymore since 2000.

And again, the power of immunity is destroyed by the measures of disinfection put in place. Instead of telling people how to get stronger, how to avoid morbidity, we are lead down the path to more illnesses.
Thank you governments all around the world.

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Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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