Allergies in times of COVID-19

This exposé is very personal and a plea for Biestmilch

What is going to happen in spring, the high season for allergies? Do you expects masks to protect you? If masks are supposed to filter out a minute virus, then they should easily be apt as a pollen filter system as well, correct?
Questions up to you to be answered. The answer depends on your mindset, as my exposé stands for my mindset.

Virus, pollen or neither? As pollen, viruses are particles, they are no living beings.

Soon the first hazelnuts will start thriving and many of you will probably experience their first allergy episode.
I assume that almost everybody knows that allergies are the result of an overreacting immune system. All allergies regardless of their instant triggers are the symptoms of an inflammation. The allergy bouts are an acute inflammatory episode mounted by the imbalanced immune system.

What happened to the hygiene hypothesis?

The hygiene hypothesis is the widely recognized paradigm to explain the fast spread of allergies all over the world. This in mind I have to question our current disproportionate hygienic measures to contain the corona virus. Since many months we are subdued to delusional measures of disinfecting  our environment and ourselves. Before the corona virus came over us like god’s sword and punishment for our abundant lifestyle, it was the state of the art scientific hypothesis that our hygienic way of life contributes to the immune imbalance causing the many allergies.

Around 3 trillions of bacteria take care of us!

Some may call the current measures a rational scientific approach to protect “us”,  others a calculation with ulterior motives by a minority of masterminds and again others simply a hysteria that created a scary mix of fear, lethargy, and resistance.
The accelerated course of events driving the economic depression unique for my generation seems unable to be stopped. The medical system appears enslaved, a ridiculous stooge of power, but it probably always was. Sorry, back to the allergy. Anyway, the hygienic measures currently undertaken won’t eradicate viruses, nor avoid the further spreading of the allergies.
On the contrary, reducing the diversity of the microbes, so essential for our wellbeing, more and more, may well worsen the health condition in our society. The list of chronic illnesses is already long enough. The allergy is one of them.

And now again my question, what happens now after disinfection seems to turn into a lifestyle?

Where did the science disappear to, which was stressing again and again, that diversity is essential, that diversity equals balance ?
Where did the knowledge submerge, that the allergy is a chronic inflammation due to a regulatory issue within the immune system itself? Questions over questions are piling up in my head!
My view is still, that allergies are not caused by an allergen but by the immune system itself revealing dysfunctions and imbalances in this system. I know that I repeat myself, once and again, sorry.
Anyway, I think especially now, as we are overwhelmed by an array of weird and bizarre scientific arguments, it is important to not lose the allergy out of sight. The illness is still out there and still widely spread. COVID-19 doesn’t cure us from allergies. Allergies only drown in the noise around the corona phenomenon.

To put in nutshell now

The allergy is a chronic inflammation with intercurrent acute inflammatory episodes.

The epithelia, the microbiome (it is not only existent in the gut), the blood vessels and their endothelia (the inner layer of all blood vessels), the immune system, the autonomous nervous system, hormones and myriads of messenger molecules originating from all systems are the major players of interaction sustaining the bodily balance.

Balance is key to wellbeing and fitness. For achieving this goal all bodily systems have to collaborate seamlessly including our very own bacterian and virus we carry around 500 trillion in us!

All together, their activity can be in full harmony, then our inside and outside world are in a perfect balance. I define this equilibrium as physiological inflammation, inflammation, because all processes characterizing the inflammation are present, but without symptoms of an illness and without detectable laboratory measurements.

Treating allergies with Biestmilch: Prevent the immune system to overreact and contain the chronic inflammation

Conventional methods of treatment are antihistamines, cromoglycin or desensitization. The logic behind the three therapeutic strategies is the blockade of the cell receptor interacting with the allergen or its numbing. This approach is purely symptomatic. 

All life needs immunity. Biestmilch/Colostrum equals immunity for the newborn.

BIESTMILCH with its complex composition is very well suited to bring your allergic deregulated immune system into a more stable balance over time (with regular intake). Allergic symptoms usually become weaker under BIESTMILCH, as the inflammatory processes calm down. A new balance is created on a more robust level.  Biestmilch is food. No harming side-effect are reported over the last 20 years, since we are collecting experiences.
Important to know: Biestmilch contains a huge amount of immunoglobulins also known as antibodies.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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